My toddler will not sleep.

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Please help.We have tried everything to help our little girl who is almost 3 to nap, she fights sleep like you wouldn't believe, she simply cannot switch her brain off and relax. She has always been a difficult sleeper but it seems to have gotton worse as she gets older. She is a busy little girl who is always on the go like alot of toddlers but when I can see she is sleepy she will not relax even after a bottle of milk, a long ride in the car or her pushchair doesn't seem to help either anymore. I am worried as she doesn't go to sleep any earlier at the night if she hasn't had her afternoon nap. She is very bright and communicative and I know she simply cannot switch of, need advise please. I am honestly beginning to think she may have a behavioural problem or something.


Chantelle - posted on 11/07/2009




Hi Joann We have the same problem with our daughter who is now 20months old. She has also always been a difficult sleeper. What I have learnt is that toddlers need at least 3 hours of sleep during the day to sleep through. Our daughter sleeps nicely during the day but battles to sleep at night. It is getting better now - she used to sleep in the room with us and woke up about 6 times a night - we have now left the room and she wakes up 1-2 times a night but we leave her to cry. She cries for about 5 minutes and falls back to sleep. We have also put a bottle in her cot. I hope this is some help to you.

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