My two year old daughter still throws a fit over going to bed what can I do to make it not so bad on her and my husband and I?


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Chandra - posted on 03/04/2009




thank you for all of your help I have had her on a bedtime routine for a year now although I will try your ideas and see if they help any thank you so much

Tharyn - posted on 03/04/2009




We used to have the same problem with our daughter.  I'm with Kellie and Amanda on this one, the child needs a set routine.  Our daughter gets her pyjamas on, then we have dinner, then she plays for a little bit, then she gets warnings when it's getting closer to bed time.  Once she's in her room - depending on how good she's been during the day - she gets more or less stories told to her (or read to her).  If, for some reason, she does chuck a tanty when we're trying to leave the room - the following night she doesn't get stories.  She learnt within a few days that it wasn't worth chucking the tanty.  I hope that helps.

Amanda - posted on 03/04/2009




Yeah, my girl did the same thing. We do a lot of what Kellie said, and what also helped for us, is telling her when it was coming  "Bed in 20 mins, bed in 5 mins". Then she could prepare for it. Good luck finding what works for you :)

[deleted account]

I don't know what you have tried already but with our oldest boy we just kept sending him back to bed if he came out. He realized fairly quickly that once he was put to bed that is where he was supposed to stay. We also made a bedtime routine so he knew it was time to go to sleep. A lot of people will put their children in their PJs and then let them play, I found that I wanted them to realize that it is time for bed when the PJs are put on, then we brush teeth, go potty and read a story. You of course will know what will work for you. I also would lie with him for a little while when we first switched him to a big boy bed. We also used a lot of positive re-enforcement by telling him what a big boy he was, etc. I hope you find something that helps.

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