My two yr old can now climb out of the crib.

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Are their any suggestions that i can use to get her used to sleeping in her toddler bed and is their anything that i can also use that will help her to relax and stay in the bed while she is falling asleep?


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short of duct tape there really isn't anything you can do to force a child to stay in bed. ;)

This is what I did, I only keep a couple of low stimulation toys in my son's room (like blocks or a small puzzle) and about half a dozen books. He has a night stand, a bed, and a small dresser with his clothes, and a rocking chair. The entire room is childproofed. And then I put a gate up across the door. so we would do the whole bedtime routine thing, and then I would shut the gate when I left (he likes the door left open a crack). This way if he wanted to get out of bed after I tucked him in, he could. and he couldn't really do any damage in the room or hurt himself. There were a few times he emptied out the dresser on the floor. so the next day we had a fun time sorting the clothes and then putting them back. some nights I found him sound asleep in the middle of the floor. but at three and half the gate has long since been removed and he stays in his room at bedtime.

One of my favorite things about the move to the big boy bed is that it is big enough for us to snuggle in and read books together. so we do the whole, bath, brush teeth, pajama's routine. Then he picks out the books he wants to read that night and brings them into the room and we snuggle up in bed and read books for ten- fifteen minutes. we have this whole countdown to the last book because after that it is "lights out". then at the last book we do lights out. Sometimes he wants to be rocked for a few minutes, and I oblige. and then we snuggle up in bed and I lay down with him for about five minutes. and then I leave. Sometimes he has already fallen asleep but usually he is drowsy and on his way out.

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