My two yr. old hates to brush her teeth. Any tips on making this task easier


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Jocelyn - posted on 01/10/2009




let her pick out her own toothbrush and brush her own teeth..try different flavors of toothpaste, those worked for my son :)  also they have those brushes that play music...i've seen them a couple times, but i don't know how big they are...that could be worth a shot.

Lisa - posted on 01/10/2009




I started brushing my sons teeth at like 6 months old so he is used to it. but they make non fluoride toothpaste which tastes good. He was giving me a little trouble as he got older but i got him a spin tooth brush and he loves it! now he even keeps his mouth open!

Brenda - posted on 01/08/2009




I started brushing my daughter’s gums when she was 3 months, so she is used to having her teeth brushed regularly and up to this point didn’t put up much of a struggle. She is now 23 months and testing her autonomy limits, wanting to do everything on her own including brush her teeth. I allow her to brush her teeth all by herself in the morning, as she does an excellent job getting the front teeth and is so-so with getting the back teeth. At night I allow her to brush her teeth first and then, like Kristie says in her post, I tell her it is my turn. I give her song choices (ones that are fairly long!) like Old Lady That Swallowed a Fly, Happy And You Know It, or her recent favorite The Wheels On The Bus. I sing the song she picks as long as she lets me brush. If she turns away or closes her mouth then I stop singing until she lets me brush again, picking up right where I left off singing! Daddy gets involved as well. He sits in the living room and listens while I sing and when we get to the end of Wheels On The Bus, where it says "The Daddy’s on the bus say I Love You..." he yells the I Love You part! My daughter loves this, but knows she has to get through the entire song in order for Daddy to be able to yell! Something else that has helped her become more interested in brushing is the Teeth episode of Yo Gabba Gabba! (She’s a Gabba fanatic!) In the Teeth episode the tooth fairy says she likes only the clean teeth and will leave presents for them. They also have a little dance video about brushing teeth and a song about "the tiny ugly cavities" that will make your teeth hurt if you don’t brush. She walks around the house singing about brushing her teeth now! Anyway, I think with time, consistency, persistence and trying to make brushing fun, your child will catch on. Hang in there and good luck!

Kristie - posted on 01/07/2009




Let her brush by herself first. (my almost 3 year old used to poke his cheek but now is actually able to pass over some teeth) When she says she is done tell her it's mommy's turn. (its part of the "deal") Help her spit (this is the most fun part), and let her rinse the toothbrush herself and put it away.

User - posted on 01/07/2009




Try a spin brush. My son hated brushing his teeth until we got him a spin brush and now he would do it all day if we would let him!!

Vicky - posted on 01/07/2009




it isnt easy my 3 year old hates it but i come up with a plain every time hes good and brushes his teeth he can put a start in is pot and every ime he gets to 10 he gets a suprise its worked so far

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