n1h1 flu shot

Kristyn - posted on 10/23/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




The doc wants my son to get the n1h1 flu shot. I go back and forth about giving it to him because it is so new.... looking for some advice


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Jenn - posted on 10/26/2009




They do offer a thimerosol free vax (in the US) for pediatric use. This is the only one thats going to be offered at my Ped's office. It's a single dose pre-filled seringe, thats the vax my son will be getting.

Shayna - posted on 10/24/2009




Be carefull where you get your information from, because USA is using a different vaccine than Canada is. The states statistics are alot different than Canada's.

For example: The states use a unadjuvanted vaccine for H1N1, where as Canada is using a adjuvanted vaccine. The unadjuvanted vaccine contains 50 ug of thimerosal

(form of mercury), where as the adjuvanted vaccine contains 5 ug of it. A can of tuna and many other foods contain WAY more mercury then these 2 doses alone!

An adjuvanted vaccine is a vaccine that includes a substance that boosts an individual's immune system and increases their response to a vaccine.

A unadjuvanted vaccine has no “booster” element, so there for a unadjuvanted vaccine requires more doses because it does not work as well.

Adjuvants are NOT new. They have been used for several decades to boost immune response to vaccines. Many of the commonly used vaccines in Canada contain an adjuvant. Canada’s H1N1 flu vaccine is made up of natural ingredients such as water, squalene oil and vitamin E.

Canada's vaccine had be tested in 45,000 people around the world and has been evaluated by Health Canada and other regulatory authorities as part of the review of the H5N1 vaccine in the pre-pandemic period. No significant safety concerns regarding the use of the adjuvanted vaccine were detected.

Needless to say this is a very tuff decision to make, especially when we all have Children to think about, but I do intend to have my 3 year old vaccinated.

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