Nail Biting

Daisy - posted on 04/05/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 3 year old bites his nails-finger and toes.Even after we clip and file his nails he still bites them.He even bites the skin around his big toe!It started with him not liking the "rough" feeling of his skin around his nails then it just became a habit of biting.We have put Tabasco sauce and tea tree oil on his fingers and toes.But,he still bites them!


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Gabrielle - posted on 04/15/2009




We tried Tabasco to stop my daughter from sucking her thumb, but she got used to it. So now we're using Thum. It's for nail biters and tastes awful!

Charmaine - posted on 04/05/2009




My child also bites her nails, she is now almost 6 years of age, and well  has stopped recently. I would think it is just a phase they go thru, which eventually they will stop.

I never really took much attention to it, I never put anything on her nails to stop her from biting it, the only thing I did, which is easier if you have a girl is that she is very much a princess girl. She loves looking good and so I just told her that a princess does not bite her nails and that they have beautifull nails to show with their outfits and this seemed to work.

With a boy, well I should think it will be a lot more difficult, perhaps if you get creative and see what you could use as comodity (Spiderman or favourite toy) and sort of direct him away from his nail biting.

Good luck and think of it this way, if the only thing you worry about is his nailbiting... then you have it good. You have a great and healthy child, cherish him and just give him so much love and attention that he would finally forget about his small fetish.




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