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My little girl will be 2 next month, and recenlty I've started calling her by her full name when she's up to no my best stern voice :D Well...anyway, people have just started noticing she has a middle name, it never seemed to come up when she was born, we were both very ill when she was born so people didn't make such a fuss over things like names...

...well her name is Layla Autumn & EVERYONE questions her middle name. So, here goes:
Layla came from the song Layla. My partner & I are both massive Eric Clapton fans & we thought the name was beautiful & you don't hear it too often, so we called her Layla.

Autumn came from when we were picking baby names...we couldn't agree on anything for ages, he liked Rose, I liked Summer...I said Rose was too old fashioned, he said Summer was too common (common as in popular, not trashy!) so I said, well if not Summer let's have Autumn then. And it she was born in September so it just seemed perfect :D

Has anyone else got a story to their kids name? Or do does anyone ever have to explain their kids name?


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My daughter's name is Lilian Ivy. I suggested Lilian since lilies are my favorite flower. My mom thought that it was weird to only use one L but I hated how "Lillian" looked typed, my eyes go cross and I often see one or three Ls. It's also the old fashioned way of spelling it.

As for Ivy, it came from we walking around the zoo and talking about what a middle name should be. We were thinking Therese but so many people either say it wrong or spell it wrong... not to mention it's really hard on online documents to get the accent above the e (I couldn't even find it for this purpose). Anyway, we live in an area where Ivy is very common and it kept jumping out at me. When I finally got up the courage the suggest it, my brother and husband laughed saying that is sounded like Lily and Ivy. But it just stuck... we couldn't get it out of our heads. My mom finds it funny because I have a niece named Holly.

Merry - posted on 09/28/2010




My son is Eric Ryan

Eric means peaceful gentle ruler of all. Ryan means little king. Since he is our first born I thought those meanings might instil in him a good leader. My husband suggested Eric back when we were dating at 16 & 17 years old. I loved it and it was decided on back then. Ryan was decided pretty quickly tok as we loved how it sounded together and the meaning too.

We are pregnant now and if it's a boy he will be Brendan Paul

Brendan because it's Irish and means sword, my hubby had a coworker named brenden and he was awesome, and we liked the name. Paul is my husbands dads name it means small which sucks but it's a tradition that the first sons son to have the paternal grandpas name as his middle name. Goes back quite a few generations. Well matt, my husband is the second son of his dad so we will use it for our second son! He doesn't know we are planning it so it will be a nice surprise if we have a boy.

Now if it's a girl we think she will be Fierna Juliet

Fierna is a rare Irish last name O'Fierna, very uncommon. But beautiful. Matt loves it a lot and it's growing on me too. Unfortunately it's also a dungeons and dragons character who is the daughter of a hell ruler or something. That bugs me but it's such a nice name it's worth thinking about. Juliet just sounded beautiful with Fierna and we always liked Julia, but it's so common, and watching psych made us love Juliet!

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My daughter's name is Myleigh Rose, everyone thinks that I named her after Miley Cirus but I didn't, I heard the name about 5 years before, 1 of my little sisters friends had the name and i just feel in love with it & Rose is just a family name. I think it goes great together. : )

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My daughters name is Kiya and I had a manager with that name, I loved it and always figured I would name one of daughters Kiya. I wanted her middle name to be after my mom, but my great grandmother passed away while I was pregnant and her name was Glory. I didn't like how Glory sounded with the name Kiya. My partner suggested Grace and it stuck so we named our daughter Kiya Grace.

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My husband is a big hockey fan, so when he found out we were having a boy, he'd call out names while he was watching games. Colton was my favorite of all of them (and I really hope he was joking about Yarkko!) ... he was the fighter for the NY Rangers at the time. He ended up being born at 26 weeks and we always called him our little fighter, so the name fit even better;).

As for his middle name, John, it was for family. One name takes care of Dad, Stepdad, Uncle and husband!

Finally CJ works well as a nickname.

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Our 17 month old son is Henry Paxton. We wanted a strong and traditional name, and when we were looking at the heritage of both of us, we wanted something of the strong Germanic background. Henry means strong ruler (8 kings of England and France carried the name!), and his middle name means from a peaceful place since we live in a beautiful and peaceful part of the U.S. Also, we wanted something to reflect our fundamental belief of "peace through strength" aka Ronald Reagan's stance throughout the Cold War that we both grew up in...The Strong ruler from a peaceful place is our son!!!

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My sons name is Aiden Jerrett because I wanted an A.J ~ Aiden mean fire and we loved that Jerrett is his dads middle name but we ended up nick naming him AA don't know why (lol). My daughters names is Danni Raelynn ~ Danni for her uncle Danny and Raelynn for her aunt Larae and Papaw Lyndon she was named after three important people in our lifes we nick named her Danni Rae

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I constantly have to explain my daughter's name and have even gotten rude comments on it. Her name is Midnight Athena. Midnight because my husband is an animator and that was his most valued character and athena (the greek goddess of wisdom and war) because I enjoyed the subtle beauty and strength of the name. We did not want an average name.

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My Sons nickname is Chooky and yeah not many people actually know he real name, i also say his full name when he's up to no good
His names Aindreas Blaine.
His whole name was found in a baby naming book his father bought me to prevent me calling him Brodie Hunter (due to it being a name some guy friends came up with cause i could push my belly out to look preggers, anyway because of it being a school thing he didnt like it)
Aindreas Meaning Andrew which jus happened to be his fathers middle name n grandfathers first name so i guess worked to there advantage also (We are no longer together) evne though i choose then name i jus liked it and i'd chosen Blaine meaning lean was chosen first but i didnt like it as a first name because there a too many teasing ryhmes that can go with it, but as a middle name i thought would be nice and it worked perfectly with Aindreas.
Though usually when people ask me i simply say i found it in a book cause my partner didnt like my orignal chosen name :D
If he'd been a girl he would have been called Sushka Meara imagine the questions id have been asked with that name, i like unique not often used names :D

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My sons name is Damien Xavier.Damien comes from the movie The Omen(the original 70's version).when i was a kid my dad and I would watch scary movies together and that was the first time I had ever heard of the name Damien...and I liked it.My Dad passed 10 years ago...and when it came to naming my now 3 year old I just had to name him Damien...Xavier just goes really well with it and it's a cool name.Together his name means either "shiny demon" or " fate shining".

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