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Hi there! I have a 2-year-old and a three-month-old. We have two separate issues going on, and I could use some thoughts.

First, how the heck to you establish a naptime routine for the baby with a 2-year-old running around? He (toddler) is ok by himself in small doses, but does need some supervision. If I could just get 5-10 minutes of quiet rocking with the toddler, I know he'd go down easily. But it seems quiet time is constantly interrupted by the big brother.

The second issue is that my 2-year-old is refusing to nap! We have a well-established naptime routine at the same time each day (after lunch). He will happily play in his crib for an hour or more, but will not close those eyes and sleep the majority of the time. It may be the holidays/relatives here/new baby. Who knows. Any ideas?

Thanks for the help.


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Brenda - posted on 01/17/2009




The only advice I'll give you is that not all kids need naps. My son quit napping before he was two, and I worried about it until I talked to his doctor, a wonderful woman and mother herself, and she told me that if he was getting enough sleep at night and didn't seem to suffering during the day or acting tired, there was no need to worry. Now my son is VERY active. I honestly would say if he'll stay and play in the crib and have "quiet time" even if he doesn't sleep he may be getting enough rest already. Hope that helps some, I know it doesn't make him nap, but I just know from experience with mine, trying to get one to nap that doesn't need a nap doesn't work and ends up frustrating you and him more than necessary.

Tasha - posted on 12/31/2008




My daughters are 2yrs and 2days apart, I remember what you are going through. If your baby will fall asleep in the swing- use it! I even set mine up in the bathroom (ours is large) so I could shut th door if my baby fell asleep in there- or we would go to a different room/level in our house.

for the 2yr old, I made mine rest for 30-45 min (or longer if she would stay in her room) until a timer went off. If she wasn't going to fall asleep I couldnt' make her, but I got my "break" to do 1-1 with teh baby, dishes, or just sit like a big puddle. My oldest is now 3 and she still "rests" and actually falls asleep about 1x week.

Becky - posted on 12/30/2008




I have a 2 1/2 year old and 6 month old. It is very frustrating. What helped me, was putting on a little tv show to distract my two year old. Then when my baby got old enough, I let him cry himself to sleep.

As for the 2 year old's nap, I've put her to bed 1/2 hour to bed early for her nap which helps calm her down. However, your two year old may be in the unfortunate stage of giving up the nap. I've read that you could stimulate them a ton in the morning and then do like an hour of calming and then put them down, but I don't know how you do it when you have another kid that takes a nap! Just hang in there! I just hope you're getting some sleep.

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