Nap time and bedtime

Mandy - posted on 09/09/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




I have a 18 month old and he will not go to bed or take a nap on his own. He used to lay down and in a matter of minutes he was asleep. He was weaned off his paci, but he started fighting bedtime before that. How do I get him to go to bed? The only way he will fall asleep is if I'm laying next to him. I dont want to start another habit so I need help!!!


Alisha - posted on 09/14/2010




ok well what i did with my son was he was 16 months old when we got him his toddler bed bec i just had my daugther and she needed the crib but the only thing to do is shut the door and let him cry it out and sooner or later he wont fight it no more it took my son about amonth before he would go to sleep on his own he is 2 now but at nap time i still have to hold him which is no big deal right now but hopefully by the time he is 3 he will go take naps on his own. and to let you know your chld will cry and scream for a long time if u cant handle it no more after awhile go in to his/her room and settle her down and try again try putting your child in there bed like 30- an hr before his bed time so hopefully by his bed time he will be settled down anough to fall asleep. if this dont work please let me know i have more ideas


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Nancy - posted on 09/13/2010




I am having the same issues with my son who will be 2 next month. My son has to have either me or his dad right next to him in order to go to sleep but most of the time me because his dad works. I have tried the routine thing but it didn't work for me really either. It did in the beginning but it doesn't now. So i am up for ideas as well.

Ebony - posted on 09/12/2010




How do I get my 5 yr old to go to bed on time for school the next morning. She doesn't take naps during the day and she still goes to sleep after 2am. What do I do?

Karen - posted on 09/11/2010




Have the same problem, I do all routine and moving out room, but haven't helped, sometimes I have to sit up to an hour before he falls asleep, any help also for me because it drains you.

Crystal - posted on 09/09/2010




Does he have a bedtime routine? Its easy for kids to settle into bed when they know what to expect and when they have structure.
Dont forget that early childhood is just a series of phases that we have to chin-up and get through, LOL.
I would suggest starting a routine like getting into pajama's, brushing teeth and reading a story.
A lot of kids like a night light also.
If he is adamant about you laying next to him it might be easier to lay next to him for a couple of nights, then move onto sitting next to hos bed with your arm next to him for a couple more nights, then move to the door and so on.
You can either spend your time trying to comfort and wean him or fighting him.
I thunk consistancy is key.

Aicha - posted on 09/09/2010




My daughter will not sleep for me she will take naps and go to bed for her daddy but he works overnights so I am stuck with bedtimes I have found when my daughter is tired after she has nursed she will fuss and it means she wants to be left alone so I close the door turn off the lights and in about 10 minutes she has put herself to sleep

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