Nap time is shrinking!!! Please Help!!!

Paige - posted on 03/13/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 2 1/2yr. old son's nap time has been slowly shrinking from a 2 1/2hr nap to a 45min-1 hour nap. It wouldn't bother me but his behavior is getting terrible in the afternoon! In the morning, he's sweet, polite and is a wonderful listener. But in the afternoon, he wakes up from his nap yelling and in a terrible mood and that sets the tone for the rest of the day! I try to get him to go back to sleep but he won't. It's gotten so bad lately that I can barely go anywhere in the afternoon b/c he throws yelling fits outside the house and won't listen. The other day, he took off from me in the parking lot (luckily there was not that many cars there and no one was driving)! I am at my wits end! Any suggestions or advice?


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Sairah - posted on 03/13/2009




My son stopped taking naps when he was 1. He has almost NEVER slept in the afternoon since then. I tried everything, then just gave up. 

Some kids are just like that I suppose:-)


Elizabeth - posted on 03/13/2009




First off, how can you get frustrated when he's THAT cute?  He's adorable.  :)  Anyway, my daughter's much younger than yours, but everyone always talks about how early her bedtime is compared to other kids her age.  She gets the same way if she's gone to bed later than normal or if her nap wasn't very long.  Have you tried putting him to bed earlier at night since he's waking up earlier from his naps?  Maybe if he goes to bed earlier, he'll be less cranky overall (so that when he wakes up from his shorter naps, he'll still feel refreshed).  He may need an entire shift in his schedule to still get the same amount of sleep.

Hope you get lots of great answers!

Janell - posted on 03/13/2009




wow,my daughter gets like that also, shes 4, her naps have gone from verrrry long, to non-exsistant at times.......if i lay her downw on the couch or somewhere ill tickle her legs or rub her back to  she relaxes and falls asllep faster and a more deep sleep.,it only lasts about an hour of that, but its still a little down time. as far as the outbursts-i would put him in a time out for how many minutes according to his hes 2 1/2,,   ........a 2 1/2 minute timout, just sitting in a chair in the kitchen, or somewhere where there are no distractions, like not his room, because he'll probably go play. kids dont like this might help a little.....if not you might think about asking your pediatrician, there might be something else going on with him that causes him to act out in such a dangerous way.......hope this helps you......=)

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