Napping once mobile?

Kimberly - posted on 12/23/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I need some ideas on how to keep my girls in their bed/crib for a nap, since they can get out? They've always been good nappers, but recently they are getting out every 5 seconds and won't nap.....HELP!


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so don't force them to nap. tell them they can play in their room quietly but that for 1 or 2 hours each day it is quiet mommy time. no exceptions. it will take a couple of days for them to get it down but it will work out for you if you stick with it.

good luck and god bless

Amy - posted on 12/25/2010




I always had to make sure the room was DARK or my little ones would not nap. Once it was dark it somehow fooled them into thinking it was night time. Their schedule may have changed a bit? What ages? Really making sure naptime/bedtimes are pretty close to the same times every day helps tons. Also make sure there's no tv in the morning. give them something to wear out bodies and minds. my kids never napped when tv was on. their bodies were resting all day and minds were so overstimulated that it just wasnt happening - which made us all nuts later! With our daughter past two yrs we had to just consistently put her back in bed and say, no, it's bedtime. Took about a week, but she realized, sheesh, mom ain't giving up that it's time to sleep. she gave in. hope something works. they sure need naps!!

Sabra - posted on 12/24/2010




Is it because they aren't tired or because they can get out of bed. If they aren't tired maybe try adjusting their nap schedule.
If it's just the fact that they can now get out of bed be persistent in putting them back in bed. Every time they get out just put them right back in. Don't say anything just scoop them up and put them back in bed. It will probably be a very tiring week but they will eventually get the point and stop getting out of bed.

Jessica - posted on 12/23/2010




Is it a crib? They have the "nets" that you can place around the crib. It covers it like a tent and keeps them safe. They can't pull it down on themselves or anything like that. It has worked for about 5 people I know.

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