Need Energy Pregnant with two toddler

Jamie - posted on 10/09/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




Any one have any ideas on what i can do to get more energy during the day to keep up with my two daughters. I have tried get 8 or more hours of sleep eat more healthy.


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Angela - posted on 09/01/2012




All my friends do a nutrition program that has B (important for energy) and other vitamins, over 70 trace minerals (electrolyte replacements like Emergen-C have only 4 and most fruits like oranges are depleted because our soil is depleted and our food is nutritionally bankrupt even when organic and local). It also has undenatured whey protein shakes that are high in minerals and protein (most women are getting too many carbs (thus spiking and crashing) and not enough protein and fat which creates sustained energy. Email me directly if you'd like more information.

Elle - posted on 10/19/2010




Get involved with agym. I am 8 months pregnant, have a two and half year old, we both go to the gym 4 times a week. She loves playing in the creache and I love the time to work out. It gives me heaps of energy.

Connie - posted on 10/17/2010




Perhaps you could get your iron levels checked. If they r a bit low u can take a supplement to help boost your iron levels and if this is the problem your will feel heaps better in no time. Good luck

Kelli - posted on 10/15/2010




Believe it or not, start working out. Wether it be just a short walk everyday or a dvd, a simple low impact one, it helps. I was in your same boat 3.5 years ago! Good luck:)

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Good for you knowing that you need to eat healthy for your baby. I am a wellness advisor and I have a CD and some tips on what you can do to maintain your energy and how to "build a healthy baby". How far along are you? Email me at if you are interested.

Aicha - posted on 10/09/2010




lots of fresh fruit and beans have energy, if you can afford it you could hire a mothers helper to play with the children while you rest , how far along are you? being pregnant and chasing toddlers is hard

Alisha - posted on 10/09/2010




eat oranges they have a lot of vitamin c which gives you a good energy burst and crystal light has a little flavor packet called focus and it also gives a very very good energy boost and keeps you going. also taking your prenatal vitamin you have it for a reason take it thats what my husband always said i just kept forgetting to take it :) oops. hope this helps oh and also if you are allergic to oranges grapes the green ones :)

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