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Cindy - posted on 08/07/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My toddler wants to feed himself all the time. He won't ever put up with being spoon fed. We also haven't given him any really crunchy foods yet like fresh veggies. When should we start crunchy veggies? He recently semi-choked on a piece of watermelon so I'm nervous. Can anyone give me so new ideas? Especially meats because he doesn't like any of the lunchmeat or chunks of chicken, etc that I give him. He mostly loves the little sticks.


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Lauren - posted on 08/24/2009




I usually steam up some baby carrots, season with garlic powder and parsley. Its her little snack and Laci loves them. try cheese and crackers, plastic container of peaches, pears and pineapple. try watermelon again, or cantelope.

Carrie - posted on 08/23/2009




My daughter really likes fish. I usually cut it in strips and either pan saute it or roll it in bread crumbs and bake (like fish sticks). She has a hard time with other meats because she has so few teeth (only 8). I also cut up carrots (about as thick and long as my pinky). Then I cook them in water for 20 minutes. It makes them soft enough to bite through and very easy for her to chew. She loves berries and prefers to eat bananas whole - she never ate them mashed, or cut up. My little girl "choked" on a few things the first tiem she tried them. Watermellon was one of them. The second time she tried it, I gave her a wedge (with the rind on it). She gobbled it up. I don't know....maybe it was a texture thing the first time but she didn't eat more than one little chunk the first time I offered it. Of course cheerios and other cereals. My little one now only wants them with milk on them so she is getting used to using a spoon on her own. Good luck with trying new things!

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If he likes stick meats and you don't want to buy the baby food you could try spam (although I'd look @ the sodium levels, i don't eat it so i don't know how good/bad it is for you??) You could also try tofu! Ham is a pretty soft meat, you can cut chicken into sticks and that is fairly soft too... My 3 yr old doesn't like fresh veggies... he seems to have a crunchy texture issue? You can always boil your veggies so they are soft enough for him to eat! Oh, my son won't eat meat w/out sauce to dip it in... so if your little one is having some issue eating meat/food you could try giving him a sauce to dip, I'd start small and see if he likes it? Or if he does like it but you don't like the mess so much you could try coating his food in the sauce (this is what my daycare would do otherwise him & another girl got off on eating the sauce straight?). My son is also a fruit lover, but has cold sensitive issues, make sure your fruits are cut small enough and they'll learn about the choking, my son's a stuffer!!! Stuffs his mouth full like crazy! He's only choked a few times, make sure you're familiar w/CPR and let him eat? I've also heard a good snack is cut banana rolled in yogurt and again rolled in rice crispies or some cereal and put in the freezer. Haven't tried it, but read it was a hit? The cold sensitive keeps me from things like this, he doesn't even like otter pops until they've melted?

Julie - posted on 08/21/2009




He may've semi-choked on water melon but give it another try!

Small chunks of cheese and small shreded apples or corrts are great. They are simpler to chew.

Raisens are great but be careful of dried fruits.. they are very natural sugar-concentrated... and your child can overdose on them. Be sure they have plenty of water while doing this self-feeding.

Margaret - posted on 08/09/2009




My little boy is 16 months. He eats more fruit than veggies, slices of apple, pear, banana and grapes, also peeled orange or satsuma segments. Often he just chews them and sucks the juice out then spits out the left overs.

He does like cooked carrots and mushrooms. We also make toast and smear various things onto that, peanut butter, chicken livers, cottage cheese, boiled egg etc

He loves chunks of cheese and crackers.

He is happy to be fed with a spoon but is now wanting to "do it himself".

He also thinks that yoghurt is a finger food, rather messy but he does eat a fair bit.

I just try remember that if he's hungry he'll eat and that independence is a good thing, although inconvenient when he's not quite there.

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