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Ariel - posted on 09/24/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 2 almost 3 yr old daughter is extremly wild.. she barely listens to me.. Non stop being loud and makes me repeat myself over and over.. its all whinning... Can anyone give me advice to make her listen and be a good girl???


Sarah - posted on 09/28/2010




When you want her to listen get down to her level and have her look at you. Make your commands simple and short. You can ask her to repeat it back to you so you make sure she understood. Set a limit to how many times you will repeat an instruction before there is a consequence. But also judge if the repeating is due to her trying to carry out the command or if it is due to disobiendence. If it is due to disobiendence then follow through with the amount of times you have decided you will repeat before disciplining (my limit is 2-3 times) then you MUST follow through with the discipline. If you don't then the limit means nothing and you have taught her that it does not matter if she listens or not. Also reward her for when she does listen. A reward can be a sticker or something physical, but it can also be a "thank you for listening so well" followed by a big hug.


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Erin - posted on 09/26/2010




I would say, Say what you mean. Don't threaten a consequence unless you follow through. I'm using time-out with my daughter and sometimes it requires me to put her in the corner over and over but it seems to be helping.

Martha - posted on 09/25/2010




it is hard to tell them they have to see and do not talk they are learning new ways all the time you have to show them not tell them showing them would be easy as they could see it cause they do what they see

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