Need help getting my daughter off the bottle and potty training


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Carol - posted on 03/13/2009




I did the same thing also, on my son first birthday I just took the bottle away and gave him a sippy cup. As for potty training thats another story, we are still working on it.

Megan - posted on 03/13/2009




On my sons first birthday I just got rid of all his bottles and just gave him a sippy cup he actually didnt drink anything for two days but finally he got thirsty enough and just used the sippy! As far as potty training goes on the same boat as you! Sorry

Crystal - posted on 03/13/2009




I just recently got my son off the bottle... haven't really started the potty training yet. During the day is the easy part of getting them off bottles. I bought sippy cups that have the soft tops... nuby brand. I did it in small steps. Started with only giving him a bottle at bed and nap times and sippy cups the rest of the day. then I started giving him a sippy cup at bed and nap times. then took that away. taking the sippy cup away at bed time was the hardest. He would cry. But you can't give into the crying. I would go into his room every 20 minutes lay him back down (he's still in a crib) and tell him to go to sleep and left his room... it took me about a week now he goes to bed without anything. Just some milk before bed. He still cries sometimes at bed time but that usually because I hadn't spent enough time with him that day... 

Good luck

Stefine - posted on 03/13/2009




One day I just decided that I had tried everything to get my daughter from drinking from a bottle.  I just threw them away or gave them to a friend.  I then just handed a sippy cup to her and told her it was this or nothing. It did take her awhile to realize that she had to use it.  With potty training it actually happened just like that. We had a family get together during summer and she was playing with her cousins and had an accident.  It embarrised her so much that she just started going to the potty.  Now she has a few accidents ever now and again but she has done really good since.  I hope this helps. I know it's frustrating but it will happen, sometimes it just takes time.  GOOD LUCK!  How old is your daughter?


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