Need help getting my three year old to sleep!

Marnie - posted on 10/14/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a three year old and a two year old who share a room. It takes me at least an hour to get my three year old to sleep and it always ends up with crying, yelling, and tantrums. I have no problem putting the gate up at the door and letting him work it out but he has realized that if he wakes his brother then I have to go back in to settle my two year old down and the cycle starts all over again. I don't want to create bad habits for my two-year old like putting him in my room but it may be what I need to do. Any suggestions?


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Ellie - posted on 10/14/2009




I would start putting the three year old to bed BEFORE the two year old.... Make it almost a 'bad' thing... :"Look, you're going to bed before the baby because Baby knows how to go to bed like a big boy/girl..." ....Let them cry it out and fall asleep, then put the two year old to bed.... After a while, the older one will see how lame that situation is for them and want to be the one who stays up later with Mummy and Daddy.... Good luck!

Chrissy - posted on 10/14/2009




sometimes....a little crying it out won't hurt. Eventually, the little one will just go to is becasue you always come back in. So, if they realize mamma is NOT coming back in...then there is nothing to cry about :)

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