need help on potty training

Zoe - posted on 03/06/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




my son turned 2 in feb and lately i have noticed that he is squatting to have a poo, even in his nappy, does this mean that he is ready for the potty?
he is a very bright kid and he picks up and learns everything really quickly but at the moment it is so hard for me to train him as he wont do it. ive tried alot of things with him but he just doesnt want to do it.
it is stressing me out alot because of his age and his friends got straight into it, even some of there parents didnt even have to introduce the potty.
where am i going wrong?????


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Kellie - posted on 03/08/2011




With my lil girl, she is 2yrs, 3 and a half months and everytime she does a wee in her nappy she says "change, change" and point to her nappy. You dont force them to go to the toilet, when they are ready they will let you know, Im still in the process of toilet training her and she is a smart girl. It does alot of time and paitence, worse thing you can do is force them.

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Something my son gets a kick out of is saying Bye bye to his "stinky" when he goes in his pull up I take it out and dump it into the toilet so he knows where it is supposed to go, he flushes it and waves bye bye as it goes down. He just laughs at it. I know it sounds silly but it may get him to go in the toilet. Good luck, I'm working on getting my 2 year old potty trained too

Louise - posted on 03/07/2011




He is still very young to start training and if he is not ready then don't even try as you are just going to get stressed out. Signs for wanting to toilet train is wanting a dirty nappy changed, long periods of a dry nappy or trying to remove the nappy, and showing interest in what goes on in the bathroom. If he is showing any of these signs then he is ready if not leave it at least a month. Boys are harder than girls to train and do take longer so give him the best chance of success by waiting for him to be ready.

I have raised three children and have adult sons I am now toilet training my 2 year old daughter and she is 2 years 4 months. She has been out of nappies for a month now with the odd accident. I did not use a potty with any of them they had a toilet seat and went straight to the toilet. The easiest way is to let your son go to the toilet with you so that he knows that we all have a wee and use the toilet. When he shows signs of wanting to be a big boy you know you are on a winner.

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