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Ashley - posted on 03/06/2010




as a preschool teacher I deal with potty training daily. The best advice that I give parents is to wait for signs that they are interested in the potty. Take them to the bathroom with you and let them notice how you use the potty. They may like to help you flush and then wash their hands along with you. When they seem 'ready', just put them in underwear, take them to the potty every hour, and prepare to do a lot of laundry! Don't go back and forth between diaper and underwear, it is too confusing, and DON'T PUT THEM IN A PULL-UP DURING THE DAY!! A pull-up feels like a diaper, and they WILL use it! Pretty soon your child will learn to go when they feel the 'urge'. You can reward this independance with verbal reinforcement, or a small treat. GOOD LUCK!

Kristie - posted on 03/04/2010




BRIBERY!!! get a jar or container or whatever and fill it with his FAVORITE treat! give him 1 treat for peeing and the potty and 2 treats for poop! worked like a charm for our son! he was excited to go to the potty! also when they are learning, training underwear are great and they have plastic liners over some, or you can buy plastic liners that go over washable cloth diapers and use those over regular underwear. hope this helps!

Terha - posted on 03/04/2010




my son just turned 2 in january and i started potty training him in december. i watch a potty training vidoe before that and read some stuff on it and in both they suggested that you not push it on them and they will when there ready and to go with your child because they will give you signs when ready. and i had bought a potty about three months before i stated and let him get used to it. when i started at first he liked the idea and used it a few times then stoped but after his second b-day we tried again and now he uses it every day he still does were a diaper. i find that if i let him run around with out a diaper is when he is more proned to use his potty and after he does we get all excited and he gives me a hug then he gets a some treat like a smartie or something.

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