Need help with ways to help my Toddler talk????

Melissa - posted on 09/30/2010 ( 17 moms have responded )




My little girl is 20months old and the only words she says are Mamma dadda and Ta i was just wondering if anyone has any ideas of was to teach her more words?


Theresa - posted on 10/06/2010




Read to her and talk to her a lot. Describe in detail the things you are doing throughout the day. Hearing lots of words helps her develop a greater vocabulary. Reading to her will also help her vocablulary. That being said, it sounds like she may just be a bit of a late bloomer in the talking department. Nothing to worry about. Soon she'll be talking a mile a minute and you'll wonder why you ever wanter to encourage her to talk more. :)

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Reading to your child is really important and helpful, not only for speach, but also for developing imagination and having snuggle time with Mommy :) We did the flash cards too and our son loved it, still does at almost 3. My son didn't really start using understandable words until he was around 2. Before that, he had a few words he would say (Mamma, Da-da, book, eat). Once he started talking though, it's like this last year he's slowly blossomed and now I can't get him to STOP talking LOL He talks CONSTANTLY, even though a lot of what he says is still hard to understand, I'm positive he's saying something. He tells "stories" and goes on and on, using his hands while he speaks (like me lol). It's really cute to watch. I think the most important thing you can do besides reading and using the other tools the other moms have suggested, is to basically narrate your day. Everything you do, talk about it. "Mommy's washing dishes. Mommy's going potty. Do you want an apple or grapes? Time to vacuum. Let's do laundry." Ask questions and give your child options (not too many options as this will confuse her). "Do you want to wear the red shirt or the green shirt?" I sort of look at every moment of my day as a learning opportunity for my son and once I started narrating my day to him it became second nature. Even something as simple as changing his diaper is a chance to learn. That's usually when we learn body parts and that's also how he learned what a "ceiling" is and how to say it lol Most importantly, I don't think you should pressure yourself or your daughter into talking. She'll get there! And I promise that before long you'll long for the days of silence lol Of course, if you have genuine concerns about it, talking to her doctor is always the best option. Something funny to end on. I don't know where I heard this, probably on tv or a comedian. "We spend so much time trying to teach our children to walk and talk, so that when they get older we can tell them to sit down and be quiet." LOL

Edited to add: I also agree with Dora about not using baby talk. From day one we always talked to our son like he was....a person lol Of course, we had our cuddly wuddly cutsie moments in the begining, but for the most part, I think talking to him with normal speech has helped him to understand things easier. And something else I did (and still do) is, if I'm trying to get him to say a word, I'll say "Look at Mommy" and point to my mouth so that he can see the way my mouth forms when I say the word. While I'm doing that, 9 times out of 10, his little mouth is trying to mimic mine and I think it makes it easier for him to learn. Good luck :)

Dora - posted on 10/01/2010




Read to her every night and talk to her BUT never use baby talk. Speak to her using regular words in a normal tone of voice. Also get her around kids more if you can. I noticed a big difference with my son when I started him in daycare and he was around other children all day long. Also everytime your child is doing something explain to them what they are doing. They say to talk to you child all day long. WHen your in the car tell your daughter about the cars on the rod, the trees, etc.........


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Sonia - posted on 10/08/2010




Read to her. wen she points at something let her know what that object is.. repeat it to her ova and ova again... my son is 14 months old and he knows how to say ( i did) (stop) (mama go go go) he talks some what...go to the library and se it u can do does toddlers group were they play with the talk to them read to them.. or if u have a tape or cd player but a cd that teaches her how say cow cat ect... these are the things that i do for my son and his development is 18 and above and he is only 14 months old so these things do work for me u should try it

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My son was late to talking, at 20 months all he would say was , "mama" and "hi" and then one day he busted out with "bellybutton" clear as a bell. I stopped worrying at that point. As he would follow directions, he obviously didn't have a hearing problem.
some children are just late to talking. if your pediatrican isn't worried, just do what all the other mother's reccomend, which is READ READ READ to your child!

Lisa - posted on 10/06/2010




I would test her hearing, make sure everything is okay. Otherwise, I would take her to speech class.

Amanda - posted on 10/06/2010




my son is about to be 290months an can say just about anything! I read to him i say things over to him.. they will talk more when ready.. i have a lil sister who is about to be 4in dec an she dnt say much at all she can but she rather not talk much an wen she does its really low tone...when she say's something cheer her on!! i love thatg my son can say almost anything but we were at walmart an he heard someone say s*it an my son repeated the word...:( ur lil one may know more words then mama dada an ta she just may not want to talk i know alot of babies that are like that! just keep tryin an best of luck!

September - posted on 10/04/2010




What works well for our son is lots of reading, signing, flash cards, arts and crafts as well as lots of one on one time just conversation with one another. I also feel that it's important to use correct words (no baby talk or made up words). Of course I did use some baby talk when our son was first born but rarely did after about 2 months of age. Our son loves reading and listening to music which I believe play's a huge role is his advanced vocabulary development. Also remember that each child is different and develops differently too. Make sure you read, read and read to her some more, it never hurts and it's a great opportunity to get some snuggle time in. Good luck and best wishes to you! ♥

Naomi - posted on 10/03/2010




do you use sign language at all? With our daughter, we found that the words she learned to sign, were also some of her first spoken words. i think it helps for them to communicate on any level and once they realize that what they're saying gets results/reactions, they're going to be that much more excited about talking! Good luck!

Tajma - posted on 10/02/2010




try the alphabet, numbers, and color flash cards. there is nothing to worry about she will talk when she is ready. my son is 23 months and he dosen't talk either. as long as she understands you she is just fine.

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My Taya did that at one point because her older sister would talk for her. We had to teach our oldest not to talk for her and we just wouldn't give our Taya anything she grunted or pointed for. She would have to ask with words first. We would give her the words but she had to say them or no go.

I hope this helps in some way. good luck and god bless

Heather - posted on 10/02/2010




I just always read to my kids or repeated words several times until they seem to get it. I also taught my kids some of the basic sign language so they could communicate that way if they didn't talk real well yet.

Hailey - posted on 10/01/2010




My daughter was so fast to talk, she was holding proper conversations at 15 months. She would ask questions about what was her food made of and all sorts of things you just wouldnt expect a 15 month to say. Some of her words were quite hard to understand though as she would start most of them with a 't' tat instead of cat and tider instead of spider. Speach therapy was sugested for her but i knew it would correct itself in time, which it did. People have such high expectations of children these days, i believe children learn to talk when they are ready. My second, Blake it 3 in january and he is only just starting to put words together. He didnt say mum til he was 2 and only used a few words till a few months ago. He just wasnt interested, he was quite happy watching and taking everything in. He can sing songs now, but thinking of his own sentances proves a bit of a strugle. He loves books and learning his letters and numbers. He would read all day if he could. Im a stay at home mum, never talked 'baby' to him and explain everything to him.....some kids just go at their own pace. Try not to worry, kids get there in the end. Be thankfull your ears are getting a little rest now, because once they start, really, they don't stop, ever! :)

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My daughter is 14 month's and every time i give her something or take something of her i always tell her what it is and use manner's ect: can mummy have the CUP please and you have your TEDDY. She's very advance in her talking and im not sure if it's just her or if it's me always talking to her but maybe if you try this it may work.

Jen - posted on 10/01/2010




do you read to her. try repeating eevrything like juice do u want juice are you drinking your juice, it really works. my son has just learnt book n thank you is na na. flash cards are very good my son learnt all animal sounds from there by looking at the pics n copying the sound we say

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