Need some opinion on stress related sudden speech issues in a toddler

Rita - posted on 07/23/2017 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi All,

I have read about your work related to speech issues in young children and we desperately need your advice.
Our son is 26 m old. His cognition & speech has always been above average (though he is too sensitive emotionally). He has even memorized all baby songs and used to sing upto 6-7 sentences clearly until last one week.

He has a history of emotional fear\trauma where a person repeatedly frightened him, making scary faces etc since the age of 8m and until he turned 23m (in our presence\absence). Last time at 23m was too extreme. Since then we have seen him getting scared seeing a similar looking person outside. Or waking up from a bad dream, crying and talking about that bad person. Next day we have seen him babbling but he always used to bounce back to normal in 2-3 days.

What’s going on last one week is different. His speech is not at all clear. He tries to sing his songs & stories all day but very few words are clear (mostly he is singing the tune of the song). He is also stuttering, where even after repeated attempts he is not able to speak few words. Speech was his strength, confidence & happiness. So now he is always too frustrated, irritated, at times lost & doesn't want to even eat his favorite foods

Qs. Looks like more psychogenic where persistent distress\fear in his mind triggered these sudden\severe speech issues Or even neurogenic (in case persistent distress over few months can cause any injury). What is your opinion?

Qs. He started talking very very early & used to sing full songs. No dev issues also. With his mind being in fear & now this frustration of not able to speak, we are worried if all this in a cumulative way can put a big toll on his mind ?

Qs. What we can expect in terms of prognosis and what we can\should do to accurately assess this and start treating it ?




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April - posted on 07/25/2017




Hello. I am so sorry your child went through that. Have you thought about seeking counseling? If it is caused from psychological trauma, the counseling could possibly help. If nothing else, counseling might help him (and you guys) work through that trauma. Did your pediatrician check your son's ears? It might be a long shot, but maybe he has an ear infection? Praying for you guys!

Rita - posted on 07/23/2017





Thanks for your comments. He cried uncontrollably few times when that person was around. Only after few times when he turned 23m we noticed and confirmed that the person was making all sorts of frightening expressions to him. We confronted that person then and he didn't meet that person again after that and he lost his skills few times only after that last episode which was big. But the effect continued in his memory where even after 2-3 months he was crying seeing people with similar looking face ( as of that person) , getting bad dreams and uttering words which confirmed that he never forgot that person or those incidences.

Now last week back suddenly he has started showing severe speech issues where he know the whole song but can't speak in words. His pediatrician will send screening\eval referral which will take more than a month. She told for speech if he still is like this after 3-4 weeks, she at least can send speech referral.

Now with these new big issues and already present fear in his mind, its putting a big toll on him every moment. We want to know if someone has a similar experience & the kid still recovered all good.

Ev - posted on 07/23/2017




I have a question: If he was so scared of a certain person, why was he exposed to this person and why did you not speak to this person about how the child was scare of them?

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