Need tips on how to get 13 month old off bottle...

Jessica - posted on 09/16/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have a 13 month old girl, I have tried everyway I know how to get her off the bottle. I have offered her milk in a sippy and a regular cup, but she will not drink it for anything. She will, however, drink juice out of a sippy and regular cup. If anyone could give me some tips it would really be appreciated. I have heard, don't know if it's 100% true, that if not off the bottle by 16 months it becomes extremely hard to get them off. I'm not wanting to force her to take anything, just trying to get her to want to drink out of something besides a bottle. Thanks in advance for your help.


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Samantha - posted on 10/03/2010




When my daughter turned 1 i started her on cows milk and she loved it cos i did half cow half formula and gradually worked it to full cows milk and then 4 weeks after her 1st birthday i put all her bottles in a bag and chucked them in the cupboard and bought a sippy cup. she didnt fight it luckily she took straight to it but if you have one particular sippy cup with stickers of their fave character like dorothy or dora and tell them thats just for milk they will work it out

Sara - posted on 09/17/2010




Try putting a baby food, or something that they body can digest in the nipple. She will suck on it and won't like it. Eventually, if you keep doing it, she will associate the bad taste to the nipple

Melissa - posted on 09/16/2010




at 12 months old i took my daughters bottles away 100% she was angry and would pull fits but i just kept the sippy cups out and wouldnt offer anything else she got thursty enough to just drink out of that and hasnt had a bottle since. just stay strong and dont cave in.

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Okay a few things:
The longer a child does anything the harder it is to break the habit. So at 16 months it will be MUCH harder thant oday, and at 20 months it will be MUCH MUCH harder,
2. STOP giving juice! your child doesn't need it! all your child needs is water and milk. Juice does NOTHING for your child's dietary needs and just rots their teeth and gives them a sweet tooth.

Now as to how to get rid of the bottle, you could try a variety of sippy cups - or let your daughter pick out one involving her in the process.
you could just throw out all the bottles and eventually your child will get thirsty and drink from a cup.
you could talk to your pediatrician for ideas.
I honestly forgot to send my son with a bottle to daycare one day, and without any other options, he went straight to a cup. I purposely never sent a bottle to daycare again.

Jane - posted on 09/16/2010




My daughter was the same, not that she was really attached to the bottle but she wouldn't drink milk out of anything else! Basically we just stopped giving her a bottle and gave her juice or water in a beaker instead, meanwhile making sure she was getting enough calcium from milk on her cereal or yoghurts, cheese etc. After a couple of months we tried offering milk in a beaker and she gradually got used to the idea. She is 2 now and will happily drink milk out of anything! Hope this helps xx

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