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Laura - posted on 01/24/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




my 16mth old son follows me to the toilet im woundering if he is ready to start potty traning


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Kristy - posted on 01/27/2011




I wasn't sure how to go about toilet training or when to start so i got this information given to me about it. It says:

Toilet Training, is your child ready?

1. Expresses interest in coming into the bathroom with you to find out what goes on in there and perhaps even sits on the toilet him/herself.

2. Understands what the toilet is for and what it means to have a wet or dirty nappy. If she/he also shows a preference for being clean and dry, fussing when she/he is wet, pulling off a dirty nappy, or asking to be changed; all the better!

3. Knows the words for urinating and having bowel movement (such as ‘going to the potty’, or whatever words your family chooses).

4. Can stay dry for at least two hours at a time.

5. Has regular bowel movements with soft, formed stools.

6. Can and will follow simple directions, such as those for washing hands.

7. Can help pull pants up and down.

8. Seems to recognize at least a few seconds ahead of time that she/he is about to go, and can tell you before it happens. (Many youngsters will squat, leave the room, or get ;the look; before having a bowel movement).

9. Is in a willing, receptive mood and isn’t going through major transitions like adjusting to a new sibling or school.

10. Demonstrates a desire for independence for example, wants to be a big girl/boy and do things for her/himself. Better yet, shows a specific desire to use the toilet like Mum and Dad do.

If your child meets most of these criteria, she/he is ready to try. If not, wait a month or two and re-evaluate.

Also go and buy big boy undies. Let them pick them out and let them wear them if they want. Even if it is on their head or over their nappy. It will help so they are not so foreign later on when u r toilet training. When ur boy does decide to go, make a huge fuss about it, clap, cheer, throw a party, call the relies, do a song and dance and make it a fun experience for him. Use pull ups if u want so he can go if he wants or if he can't get there in time etc it doesn't matter. Take it slow and don't push it. Don't ever get mad if he has an accident and remember they can start going and then stop, then go before bed and nap but not any other time, then only go at daycare and not at home, then stop all together. Don't stress they are testing the boundaries. If need be do a rewards chart for him. The whole process can take 6 months so it might not happen overnight. Good luck, hope some of this helped.

Jennifer - posted on 01/25/2011




I dont think there is any harm in just putting a potty in the bathroom and when you go let him sit on it (first with his diaper and then after a while without). It is good to start getting him used to the potty, but definately dont force it. It will just happen when it happens. Good luck!!

Danielle - posted on 01/25/2011




I also have a 16m old who follows me/my husband into the bathroom and has shown interest in the toilet, as well as stopping play and squating when he has a BM. I was curious if he was ready so I bought a book on potty training and here's what it says as far as potty training cues (it's like a quiz):

1. Does your child relate to and imitate older children (does he understand he's not a baby?)
2. Can your child safley walk to and away from the toilet?
3. Is your child starting to understand where their toys and other posessions belong?
4. Is the number of times your child says no or responds negatively decreasing?
5.Is your child interested in trying to do things "by themselves"?
6.Does your child know that some of their peers are successfully using the potty?
7. Can your child understand what you mean by "using the potty" and "no more diapers" and can they talk about this topic with you?
8. Is your child's diaper staying dryer longer?
9.Does your child frequently wake up with a dry diaper?
10.Is your child stopping play to squat for a bowl movement?

Scoring Recommendations:
Each "yes" is worth 1 pt.

8-10 points-Your child is probably ready to begin potty training.
5-7 points-Wait a month or so and take the quiz again.
1-4 points-Wait a few months and take the quiz again.

Our son scored a 6 so we're going to wait until he's older. It also says not to try to start potty training during stressful situations such as 1)The addition or subtraction of a close family member 2)Moving and 3)Major Holidays (ex to me would be Christmas). Since I'm due the day he turns 18m we are going to wait until the NB sleeps through the night each night (so hopefully at 21-22m for my toddler) before we take the quiz again/start potty training. Hope this helps you some and good luck!

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