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Britney - posted on 03/19/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




my son wants his daddy prasing and attiton from for the all the good things he dose but potty traing is....hard because i dont have wat they have lol wat can i do to get my hubby to get him to get the idea we tryed everything this boi dont care


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Megan - posted on 03/23/2010




I don't have a son, but my mom told me this worked for my brother. When he was almost 2, she would put cherios in the toilet and have my brother try and hit them while he peed to make it a game going to the toilet. Also, you could have your husband and son go in at the same time and (I know this sounds odd but) have your husband go and then have him as your son if he wants to try. Hope it helps!

Sarah - posted on 03/19/2010




I think the best thing is to just let your son wait to let you know when he is ready. That what my mother did with my younger brother and she said it worked like a charm. They get to that point that all the other boys are using the "big boy potty" and they want to as well. So then they want to learn. As for the Hubby, I would just suggest talking to him, straight forward. Men rarely understand unless you are straight forward with them and don't sugar coat it. Sorry i can't offer any better advice, I have a little girl. I just know from what my mother has told me, and she said to let the little ones tell you.

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