Negative words are being said to daddy

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My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been saying to her daddy," I don't love you" I don't know where she is getting it from b/c we NEVER talk like this. At first we ignored it, but after awhile it is difficult to ignore esp b/c I know that it crushes my husband. I know that she really doesn't mean it, but I really think that she is trying to get under his skin. Presently, when I hear it said to my husband or to the dog, I give her one warning and if I hear it again, she deals with the consequence of going into time out. I notice that she says this more often when she is upset or doesn't get her way. She barely if ever says it to me. I will say that I am more of the disciplinarine though. My husband is a bit of a softy, so perhaps she is testing him.??? Any suggestions?


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Will she talk to you about why she says it? Perhaps she is picking it up from other children, neighbors, tv, or something else? I'd try talking to her about it and why she does it. I notice that when kids are at this age they really like to mimic other people (my daughter is the same age) so other children and adults or older children or tv impact some of the things they do. I think part of it is she's testing him too. I'm more of the disciplinarian in our house too so when my husband gives the punishment my daughter is more upset about it because he's usually the softy and doesn't give out punishments.

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