new mom worried of potty training a 19 month old

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What's the best time to potty train ur child? R there any symptoms or signs for me to notice? How to train? What tools do I require?


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Start to introduce your little one and see how she reacts. If she takes to it then she is ready to start trying. If not, give her some time and take things slow. Many people use the portable little potties. My husband and I decided to bypass the potty and start out son on the regular toilet. He does great with it. If you are going to use the big toilet and are worried about her falling in you can pick up an insert. Once she shows interest then start her off little by little by sitting her on the toilet say every hour and talk to her about going pee pee. Also let her see you use the toilet. Eventually they do get it. We also bypassed the pull ups. We noticed it didn't work with our son at all. We used his little undies and they worked great. I know it is not fun when he has an accident in them but they work so we continue to use them. Try different things and see what works for your daughter.

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we waited til 3 with all of ours, but they are boys and girls tend to be easier. I chose to wait to make it easier for me, my 3rd child is at that stage now and he hasn't a clue when he needs to go, he goes every half hour and sits on the toilet to try. he hasn't had an accident for about a week. I know its not quite the same as him learning he needs to go but for some reason he just doesn't get it. I guess he'll learn that eventually. patience is so important as it is hard for them to adjust but if they are not ready wait and try again in a month

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After I struggled and struggled with my daughter, one day I gave up and said, there's the potty, go whenever you want to like a big girl, then she did. ???? I think the more I pushed, the more she fought it. Our son is 20months old and walks up to the toilet and makes "pee noise". He thinks it's funny. I think for Christmas I'll get him a potty and if he uses it, great, if not, it's there when he decides to be like everyone else. I am also not a believer in pull ups. My daughter hated it when she peed in panties and to her a diaper was a diaper and all diapers are ok to potty in. It's just how she thought. I agree with the other post, a kid,a toilet and patience. :D


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As soon as my DS1 could walk i introduced the potty wich was around the age of 14 months. When i was in the house I would just let him run around with nothing on and put him on the potty every 15 mins just to try. Everytime i seen him peeing i would just pick him up and put him on the potty and make a big fuss over him (even if i didnt manage to catch anything as long as he sat on it) after a couple of weeks i put big boy pants on him he really didnt like the feeling of them if he peed them so he would go to the potty himself. When i was out i would put training pants on him and ask him if he needs to go EVERY 15 MINS. He was potty trained by the time he was 18 months old :). I think as long as ur child can walk and comunicate with u to let u know hey need then there ready.

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Thanx all for ur much needed suggestions. Sarah I've collected the tools now lets c how it goes :). Thanx for the detailed descriptions/options Dora, I did try the regular toilet but I think my daughter isn't comfortable using it. Nehow hopin to b successful

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il tell ya my kid was 2 last may n she still isn trained ive tried so many times now ive lost count they all do it at different ages!!

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Here's a link to a website called They have lots of helpful information on there regarding potty training and pretty much anything to do with babies. This link is to a potty training readiness check-list.

Here's a link to another page on BabyCenter that answers a lot of other commonly asked questions regarding potty training:

I like BabyCenter because the articles are easy to read, short, simple and to the point. Best of luck to you Momma!

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tools - child, potty/toilet, patience ! lol x i agree with dora totally escpecially about giving your child time if she doesnt seem too willing dont push it otherwise frustration builds on both sides dont bother with the pull ups my son couldnt uderstand why he wasnt allowed to wee in them but did understand that if he weed in pants theres a mess. if shes wetting very frequently leave it a few weeks and try again x

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