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My 3 year old refuses to sleep at night she's up til 2am sometimes. Any tips on how to get her to goto sleep?


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I wake up on the same routine every morning, I wake my daughter up no later 6:30, but she's so sleepy from the night before that after the morning routine she's sleep all over again. I just want her to be sleep at a decent time so that she can get used to actually waking up for school. Would I be wrong if I gave her some cough syrup just to get her sleepy. I'm clueless just because when she's at her God Mom's house she's sleep no later than 9:30p. I just don't get it at all.

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We have the same problem, my daughter is 20 months and sometimes she's up till 5am! My husband works 2nd shift and doesnt get home till midnight and she's bound and determined to stay away to see him every night, which i dont have a problem with because she wants to see her daddy, and he doesnt go to bed as soon as he gets home anyways. but if i do want her to go to bed early, i dont let her sleep past 4:30pm or else she will be up all night! I would say the earlier they get up the earlier they will want to nap, then the earlier they will be ready for bed! If i get her up at 8 or 9 she's usually pretty good at going to bed at a decent time!

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Well to start I'd try to get her to take her nap earlier. Since she's probably only taking one nap a day by now. First time she gets up at night, say ok sweetie it's bedtime and take her back to bed, the second time walk her back and not say anything, third time do the same thing. repeat it....and it is tiring but sooner or later she won't be getting the response she might be hard the first night or two, but she'll figure out that it is bedtime.

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Two of my boys are night owls too, so I'd be interested to hear if anyone has any ideas. I just figured since I'm a night owl, they had inherited that from me. I put them all down, one goes to sleep and the other two stay awake for a long time. They've also had a hard time sleeping on their own, so I try and stay away and awake until they're asleep. Last night though, at 1am I was too tired and went to bed, and the two still awake crawled in bed with me. Then it was Mommy? - what? - I love you. - I love you too, now close your eyes. - Mommy? - what? - I love you a lot. - I love you too sweetie, now you need to be quiet and go to sleep. - Mommy? - what? - I love you ....... and son on until probably about 1:30 they were finally to sleep. :-) Sorry I don't have any advice since I'm in the same boat, but thought I'd let you know that at least you're not alone. :-)

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