night time crying? whats up?

Daina - posted on 05/10/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




my 23 month old son (who sleeps with us) will wake up in the middle of the night crying like he has been hurt! its crazy because its been going on about 4 days now and he'll cry for about 15-20 mins and go back to sleep. its his hurt/scared cry so i dont know whats going on, he did this right before we moved him back into our room (which we did so we could get some sleep) i dont know if its his dreams or night terrors or what! any ideas?!??!?!

thanks in advance.


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Jamie - posted on 05/26/2010




My daughter has done this several times over a period of 4-5 months but only 1 time did it worry us because she started screaming and she was sleeping we shook her bounced her sat her up and she never woke up and she screamed for 2 whole hours and then just stopped like nothing happened. It could be night terrors or it could be pain like gas or indigestion but the best thing you could do since it tends to be persistent is to talk to his pediatrician and tell him, "Look my son cries in his sleep for this amount(15-20 min or how ever long) of time every night and it's affecting me and my spouses sleep and want to know what is going on." Well I wish you the best of luck and I hope you can find a solution or a way to help him sleep comfortably at night.

Elizabeth - posted on 05/16/2010




My son did that for a about a month. Then as quickly as it showed up it disappeared. His eyes were closed so I did not assume it was night terrors but rather bad dreams. I found the only thing that worked for us was to wake him up fully. Turned on the lights, the tv, bounced him on my lap. Anything to wake him up out of sleep. Once he was wide awake, he would relax. Then, normally, in 30 minutes he was ready to go back to sleep and would sleep sound the rest of the night.
I attributed this to so much information being processed and between what new information is being learned in the day and dreams being mixed in, it was just upsetting.
My daughter did this as well when she was around my son's age (2).
Do not worry too much. I know it is very scary on your part, but it will pass.

Shannon - posted on 05/16/2010




I agree it could me the night terrors. Sometimes my daughter will wake up, cry little bit and fall back asleep. i haven't thought much of it because it isn't that often. She is almost 3 years old.

K.C. - posted on 05/10/2010




It's a good possibility it's nightmares. My little one used to do it too and still does occassionally but I could always tell she was asleep. Is he asleep crying? If he is, I wouldn't worry, he should outgrow it. If he is awake then maybe there might be something else going on. Maybe he is hungry or has wind.

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