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my son is basically potty trained, he has no accidents when takes a nap.. so my question is this.. how do i get him potty trained at night? he has to wear nighttime pull ups...i have tried to let him go a night without them, but i am constantly washing sheets and blankets then.

the pullups are givin him a mild rash from rubbing..

so any suggestions?


Mary - posted on 12/17/2009




I've heard that boys are slow to develop whatever area of the brain that wakes us up when we need to use the potty. Whether it's true or not, it definitely seems true with my son. He just turned 4 and I still put him in a diaper overnight. (I use diapers only b/c they're cheaper than pullups) He's is 100% potty trained during the day and has been for some time, but he wets the bed every night. Its obvious that it upsets him, but he can't seem to help it. Until he starts waking up with dry diapers or waking up during the night to use the potty, I plan to keep him in a diaper. I don't see any point in waking up each morning to and upset and disappointed child and a wet bed.

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