Normal age for pretending to begin?

Candi - posted on 11/23/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




when do kids normally begin pretending? i see my son act like he is picking something up and he makes a chewing motion but he doesn't have anything. he is almost 13 months but when do kids usually start pretending?


Janna - posted on 11/27/2009




13 months sounds about right. when my son started to do that i was always scared that he had stuck something in his mouth that i didn't see. i found myself doing so many finger swoops through his mouth for no reason, better to be safe though. now he is 18 months and the other day i cought him "eating" french fries off of a mcdonalds magnet at my folks house. he's never even had french fries! kids can be so smart

Brandi - posted on 11/23/2009




My son is 18 mos. old and "talks on the phone" and "uses the remote" (we have one that has no batteries that we allow the kids to play with). He started doing this stuff within the last few months or so. My daughter was probably also around 2.


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Stefie - posted on 11/23/2009




My little girl does the same thing. She is now 15 months, but started pretending around a year. She is very bright. She knows animals and noises, body parts, general household vocab, and is still working on numbers, colors, shapes, and the alphabet. It is really neat having a bright baby. She loves to "take care" of her dolls. She also "helps" me cook and cooks in her own kitchen. I often worry because I don't know too much about early childhood development. It is hard to know when you are challenging or pushing. I try to just use good judgment. I do know that having a bright child can often be as difficult as having a challenged child. As they grow older it is important to know how to keep them interested and deal with school systems that often favor special attention to slower children. There are many support groups out there for mothers of gifted children. I have been reading the "what to expect" series since pregnancy. I found that as long as I read at least three to six months ahead my daughter stays challenged.

Kristy - posted on 11/23/2009




All kids start at a different age its perfectly normal, 13 months is on the early side as a lot of books will tell you. What you need to look at is if he is a bit more advance at other things. Does he know all his body parts the sound an animal makes shapes colours that sort of thing. Also be aware that he may be doing the pretending with someone, dont find this scary he may start talking to someone and also offering them the things he is picking up. My soon to be 4 year old was talking to an imaginary friend at 18 months she would pretend alot. She is a very bright\gifted child and is now able to do most things that 6 year olds are only just starting to learn. It can be scary at first but you just need to realise that it cant hurt him, in a lot of cases these sort of things are of a great benefit.

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