Not drinking milk.

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Now almost 15 months, Eamon stopped drinking cows milk after a difficult transition of mixing formula and cows milk since 12 months. First he stopped drinking bottles at home on the weekends and evenings, and about a week ago stopped drinking them at daycare. He still nurses, but my production has always been low. He also refuses cow's milk or breastmilk from a sippy cup (which he started using at four months). It is essential that we get calcium in him for obvious reasons but also b/c he has tested high for lead twice now. He rejects soy milk and rice milk (in bottles and cups) and won't let us spoon feed him anything including pudding and yogurt. We've had a little success with yogurt drinks, but not much. Can't find a child's vitamin with more than a pinch of calcium added. Thoughts?


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Sherri, in her post she says "He still nurses buy my production has always been low".

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There is really no reason for them to have cow's milk. There are lots of ways to get calcium. Besides the obvious cheese, milk etc green leafy veggies have a ton of calcium in them. If he is nursing at all and nurses at least 3 or so times a day you don't need to worry about it anyway as he is gettin geverything he needs from you still.

I wouldn't worry about it. I have never had a glass of cow's milk my kid's get it once in a blue moon. Our bodies really aren't designed to consume the amount of dairy we get from cow's.

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I saw lots of great ideas below, the only thing I can think of to add is the idea of ice cream (sparingly) or non-fat yogurt.

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Have you tried the go and grow is for older children and is made by similac

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What about smoothies? You can put mostly milk and add a little fruit. My LO doesn't drink a lot of milk. He'd rather have water. So I offer smoothies, cheese and let him feed himself yogurt. It's messy but he's getting better at it everyday! :)

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When my son was around this age I gave him gerber pediatric drinks. They're a little bit like PediaSure but more geared toward younger toddlers and have a lot less sugar my son loved them. He's older now, 2 1/2, I give him carnations instant breakfast half serving with breakfast the other half for dinner. I also make him smoothie popsicles nonfat plain yoghurt with frozen strawberries a little orange juice in the blender then freeze, they're fun and he loves them good luck.

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