Not sure what happened along the way? Can someone help me figure it out?

Lee-Ann - posted on 01/22/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son is now almost 2 and a 1/2 years old. In the past week something has changed in his behavior. Everything here has been the same. The usual routine, naps, playtime and mealtime. The schedule has been the same. He use to play nice and listen when told to do something. Not fight or scream. Just seemed to be very nice and understanding. The past week, now he screams "No!" to me when I ask him not to do something or to do something, he fights with his sister, screams that everything his his "Mine!" and does not want to share. Bedtime has been different too, we never use to have a fight to go to bed. I would give him his bath, snack, bath and then read to him before bed with his sister. Then he would go right to sleep. Now he does not go to bed, he is up off and on and it takes sometimes over an hour for him to fall asleep. Did I do something wrong in the past week, is he bored, is something wrong, or is it just the age and he is now starting to get into his 2 stage of what they call "Terrible Twos?" Help, some advice on what I should do would be great. I just wish I had my good little man back. :o)


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Robin - posted on 01/22/2010




I have to tell you, the same thing happened to me! My son, who is now 2 as well, all of a sudden learned that he could say "NO!" and now uses is regularly. He is growing into his own personality, and like the other moms posted, is testing boundaries. Unfortunately, this means that you will have to enforce them alot more. It's completely normal what he's doing. Also, keep his this age routine is the one thing (besides a loving mommy) that he can depend on. Right now, newly discovered emotions and abilities kinda sets little ones over the edge..hence tantrums. Anyhow, be strong and I send you good prayers to make it through this rollercoaster!

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Stay consistent. He's starting to realize that he has his own ideas and his own will. He's going to test you to see if his will is stronger than yours. You might want to cut out a nap or push his bedtime back half an hour to see if that helps. It might be that he's reached an age where he doesn't need as much sleep. My son also gets like this when he's hungry so make sure he's eating healthy meals and snacks.

He's also realizing that there is lots going on even after he goes to bed and he doesn't want to miss anything. I had to talk to my 3 year old about going to sleep - he has to recharge his batteries or he won't be able to play.

Maybe you should ask your son what the matter is. He's old enough to be able to express himself even if it's very simply.

Andrea - posted on 01/22/2010




i had this problem also when my son became this age, as a matter of fact he still does it just not as bad anymore.. one question though, is he around other kids such as going to daycare? Being in daycare my son has picked up lots of things, some good and some bad. But what i have learn to do is stay calm and patient, whenever he throws tantrums, just ignore it, he feeds off the attention you give him and whichever way it goes your not going to have a good outcome, if you baby him then hes going to think its ok for him to act the way he does and continue to do it so he gets his ways, and if you yell and get mad then hes just going to cry and throw a bigger tantrum. as far as bed time goes theres a couple things i would suggest, 1) dig deep into the problem, maybe hes scared of somethng such as the dark, hes older now and is starting to realize more things such as different sounds and especially different emotions. 2) try and find a favorite toy of his to sleep with (sort of a security blanket if hes scared) leave something on in the room to let him know hes not alone such as music, night light or tv with low volume. 3) if theres people over or cummotion going on outside of his room hes going to want to be curious to figure out what it is and 4) sometimes he may be too tired and is trying to fall asleep and all it takes is just a couple minutes of snuggle time with mommy, rub his head and talk to him softly. last but not least what ive found that really works is that alot of times our little men are so excited about the day and want to continue to play and have fun SO what i do when its time for bed is to tell him that he has to go to sleep and then when he wakes up he can play all day... i try to make it kind of a choice for him so its not like im barking orders at goes a little something like this " adin come here (and he comes and i wrap my arms around him and say) listen hunny its time to go to sleep so that way you can wake up and play aaaaallll day, but u have to go to bed like a big boy ok" usually he"ll say no so then thats when i say "hey dont you want to play tomorrow?" and he says yes, and i say "ok well u have to go to bed, ok" and he says ok, give kisses and cup and say i love yous and night nights...... now alot of times this works but sometimes he keeps getting out of bed so i may have to repeat this a couple times, but he doesnt fuss... well i hope this works for you, just remember be patient!

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I have to tell you... I wish I could go back to school right now and retake all of my child development classes. It is really amazing the way a child develops. My daughter went through this for a while and it really seemed to hit me out of nowhere. My son is 16 months old and already starting this. This article may be helpful to you as well.

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lol..terrible twos is what some people call it....but actually he is just growing into his own lil personality and testing his boundaries....this is where your job as mommy gets a lil tougher...Just gonna have to stick to time outs and say No-No alot more...he has to learn now what behavior is going to be when he tells you No you need to sit him in a time out...I have 2 boys 17 months and an 18 month old (adopted) and they both already understand completely the concept of time out and when i sit them on the couch and tell them to sit they know they have to sit there until mommys says its Ok to get down...I do not allow them to tell me No or to fight and fuss with each other over a toy or to say "Mine" sharing is a must especially when you have 2 so close in age. Just stay strong and consistent in what you are teaching him...he will learn...he is just playing a battle of see how much you are gonna allow him to get away with....Best Wishes!

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