Okay need to potty train and break the binky from my 2year old which do I do first? Just turned two end of March.


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Judith - posted on 04/13/2009




We did something a little unconventional with my son.  We had him start peeing in the shower next to the toilet.  This got him used to the sensation of peeing.  After a few weeks it was pretty easy to transition him to the toilet.  My daughter is 20 mos. and I may start her the same way.  Although she'll need to learn to sit and not stand peeing!

Amy - posted on 04/13/2009




i'm working on potty training now. i'm leaving the paci alone since it is a comfort for her. she only uses it for naps and bedtime so it's not a big deal. my daughter is doing it at her own pace. she was pretty much trained but regressed after her sister was born in january. so we're back to the potty chair. originally i tried all the tricks but nothing worked. one day she yelled mama potty and we ran to the bathroom. from that day on it was a potty party all day long at my house. she, unfortunately, didn't wear any pants from that point on for most of the day but i traded naked bottom time for near perfect potty training. it helped her realize when she had to go and she didn't dare go potty with no pants on. We also used a calander and stickers. and we called my husband or mother-in-law to celebrate the success with us.

Nicole - posted on 04/13/2009




I'm in the same situation.   Nya just got off the pacifier this weekend.  It took ONE day!  I soaked all her pacifiers in apple cider vinegar.  When she put it in her mouth, she immediately spit it out.  Later on that day, I asked her if she wanted her pacifier, she said no.  I told her to put them in the trash, and she hasn't asked for it since.  Let me know if you have any suggestions on potty training. 

Shannon - posted on 04/13/2009




cut the nipple off the binky-works 90% of the time....as for the potty trainin we are workin on that now...it takes time...we have tried everythin....we have the dvd and book....she will sit on her potty when i go to the bathroom, she knows the concept she just needs to figure out she needs to use it when she sits down.....

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