Omg what do I do when my 3 year old don't get his way all he does is cuss? Calls you a piece of shi


Kimberly - posted on 04/03/2010




Whoever he is hearing this from needs to stop talking like that around him! It isn't his fault, and there needs to be a good example set for him, and he won't do it anymore. Don't react when he does it, calmly tell him-we don't talk like that.


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Angela - posted on 04/03/2010




First of all, ignoring him is important at first, because he knows he's pushing your buttons. Secondly, whoever talks like this around him needs to either be told to stop it or simply don't allow him to be around this person(s) anymore. Lastly, but not least important. When he does this, simply grab a trash bag, go to his toys. Explain to him that we do not talk this way and since he thinks it's ok to do so, you are taking away h is favorite toys. Do this and start taking away his most favorites first. Tell him bad boys do not get toys and treated for bad behavior. Pretend to be throwing it away, but put it somewhere he won't find it such as garage, closet, somewhere safe. Tell him he'll get the toys when he proves he can act appropriate. Take away privileges as well. Little boys who cuss and say bad words do not get rewards, or cartoons, ect. Hope this helps. If not please talk to a pediatrician, or counselor but this should help him. It did for my son when he heard the word Bullsh$t. Once he realized at 3 yrs old (which he still is) if he uses bad words, his toys go bye bye, and stands in a corner, he was quick to stop it. He believed his toys were being thrown away. That's gold to a child.

Wo_jordan - posted on 04/03/2010




watch the tv show supernanny she dell with that kinda shuff all the time and she hass good idea the try.

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