Organizing a toddlers room??

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My daughter is 3 years old and has a ton of everything. I was wondering what the good tips for organizing a toddler's room would be. I tried going through her toys and she was fine with giving toys to other children, but how could I organize her room so it's easy for her to help me clean up her room? What type of bins to you recommend and such? It would really help everything I've tried just ends up a disaster and overflowing into the hall any way!!


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Also - I keep 90% of my son's toys in a closet. so at any given time only 10% of them are out (and that is only 10% to clean up- MUCH easier task for him to manage and NOT at all overwhelming). Then about once a week, usually when he is at day care, I go into the closet and swap out the toys. Now suddenly he has a whole bunch of "new" stuff to play with!

The stuff that is out for play is put away in two small clothes hampers. (which double as toys themselves!) EASY clean up! everything goes in the hampers. Easy to play with as they are easily dumped out.

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A lot of larger but not so large she can't lift them bins. We have a toy shelf from ikea that we could get two sizes of bins for that is great for keeping everything organized. We've taken pictures of the toys we want to go in each bin and taped them to the front (3 is definitely old enough for this). Then everything had a home and a spot on the shelf.
It works real well in the day care setting too.


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Tracy - posted on 09/02/2010




I don't have much to add, but I'm very interested in the responses and hope to pick up some tips myself. My daughter turns 3 next week and I am getting rid of her changing table and a large futon that are in her room so I'm wanting to organize and make it a more big girl room. I need to move her things out of our living room and make a play space in her bedroom.

I do have a great sling style book holder with 2 fabric bins underneath that is perfect for books, I highly recommend it. I like that it's not a "kid" color or style so it can grow with her from kids books to magazines to whatever later on. It's from One Step Ahead.

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i would for starters put the toys she does play with into indivual roller tub bins . the other the ones you never or hardly eer see her play with place into other tubs and put them away. swap as the others say but if she finds she doent like those toys then just give them away that way you can see what she likes and desnt like . also the lft over toys our not sure of (or the hidden broken ones) plce into garbage bags to throw out or give away to charities. i do thid and it keeps everything all good as they tend to get loads of toys during the yr as well as b'day and christmas

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We have a few pop up laundry hampers that work really well. There are a lot of options though and different ones may be better for you depending on the type of space you have.

I agree with the idea about rotating the toys. We put them away in plastic containers with lids in the garage and swap them around every couple of weeks so the kids don't get bored. Works really well. We do keep the favorite toys out though.

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Do you have a bookshelf?? If not, get one or two.....if they are low enough, she could even help with putting things on them. Then get a few plastic baskets at the dollar store for different types of toys....we have one for blocks, one for music toys, one for cars, etc. I also keep some of these baskets in the livingroom. You can also get one of those storage bin looks like a large shoe rack with open cloth containers...they sell them here in the USA at BigLots sometimes for cheap!!

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