OTC Medicine?

Terri - posted on 10/30/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Is anybody giving their child otc medicine for a cough? My son in almost 17 months and has a little cough and we live over an hour from our pediatrician . I know you are not supposed to but wondering if any one does, and what do you give?



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I also was told by a pharmacist at rite aid that as long as the chils is over 25lbs then its ok to give them 1/2 tsp every 6 hours. however you cannot give it any sooner then every six hours. also a hot shower running while you sit with him next to it to steem him will work. for night time get one of those vicks plug ins i swear by them. they will help any sick child sleep.

Brooke - posted on 10/31/2009




I've read a lot lately about how you're really not supposed to give kids under 6 OTC medicine for colds and coughs. Since your son is over a year old, you could give him a warm drink (apple juice, caffeine-free tea, maybe even just water) with honey and lemon juice in it. Old fashioned, yes, but it works! Make sure your son is drinking lots of clear fluids in general. Remember, coughing is how your son's body is trying to clear the mucus in his throat and lungs. Suppressing it with medicine interferes with how his body is trying to work.

Heather - posted on 10/30/2009




my son is 16 mo old and had a cough and a runny nose a cpl weeks ago. I got the pharmacist at walgreens to tell me what i could give him. My son was 25 lbs at the time and he said to try childrens benadryl 1/2 tsp every 6 hrs. Just make sure that you dont give him to much, or too many doses. Also if the cough worsens or he has any more symptoms, he probably needs to see a doctor, but if its just a cough, then try the benadryl for a cpl days.

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Maybe a glycerin based syrup just to soothe the throat, which in turn could stop the irritation.

If it is a chesty, fluid type cough we were advised to leave our son to fight it himself. I have used Calpol and Medised though. Calpol is a paracetamol based syrup and Medised has paracetamol and an ingredient to help them sleep but can't remember what it is called. I am based in the UK so our medicine is different to the USA though. Although you can't buy cough medicine over the counter any more because tests have shown they don't really help nd can do more harm than good.

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