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Coraly - posted on 11/28/2008




When my daughter was two years old, she got in the habit of sleeping in our bed. She didn't like her crib. So my husband and I decided to buy her her own big girl bed. Instead of a toddler bed, which she would outgrow quickly, we brought her a twin bed with a rail so she wouldn't fall out. The trick to getting her to sleep in it was that she was into Care Bears at the time and surprised her with the bed and the comforter set and some care bear dolls. The first week she came in our bed less each day. Then she just stopped. We made such a big deal of her new big girl room and that big girls sleep in their own beds that I think she gave in. Hope this helps.

Michelle - posted on 11/28/2008




i don't know, i now have the problem that my 3 yr old, who never slept in bed with us before, now wakes up, gets out of his crib, and comes to our room to finish sleeping in our bed with us.

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