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Tracy - posted on 06/05/2010




It is natural for toddlers to try to do teir own thing, be patient and fair. importntly be consistent. And always reward the good behaviour, it does come right in the end., Good luck X

Nancy - posted on 06/05/2010




It's normal for toddlers to strive to be more independant which includes refusing to listen. Pick your battles otherwise you'll spend your day repeating "NO", "Don't Touch that!", "Stop". You need to focus on the major issues and try to ignore things that are harmless but annoying.

When she does something she's not suppose to like throw food, I try to ignore it and turn away from her. If she doesn't get a reaction she'll eventually stop......I'm hoping. The things I don't ignore is the throwing of objects that can hurt people (she gets a 90 sec time out) and always holding my hand when we go outside (if she doesn't she goes back in the stroller).

If you focus on one or 2 things then you can actually have more fun with your tot and less crying for both you and tot. Trust me I understand the frustration. I've called my mom on several occassions and thanked her for not eating me.

[deleted account]

What kind of things isn't your toddler listening to you about? I have noticed that my little one has selective hearing and it really depends on what your end goal is on how you handle it.

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