Passing gas at dinner

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My mom & fiancee get upset with my 3 (and a half) year old son when he "toots" at the dinner table and tell him he should get up and go do it in the bathroom.

I get upset with them because I don't know that he is physically able at his age to (1) know it's coming in enough time to react, (2) hold it from the climb down from his seat & run to the bathroom, and (3) not make a bigger commotion of the whole thing than it's worth.

Does anyone know approximately when a kid is able to put the brakes on the booty?


Jackie - posted on 01/26/2010




haha, oh geez. Good thought on the "as loud as the gas" part. I'm with you then, I think the manners are by far the most important part of this then. You are right unless you all get up and leave teh room too it wont work...and a 3 yr old doesn't move effortlessly or with focus...they will be stopping to play everytime they leave the table.

Jackie - posted on 01/26/2010




i'm not sure on the age for control purposes, but he is more than old enough to understand it is not acceptable table manners, is not funny, and MUST be followed up with an excuse me.

Gemma - posted on 01/26/2010




my god that is well bad that they have a go at him for farting he cant help it he is 3 not 30 i think u should say to them he is only young he cant help it so plz dont tell him off x

Kerry - posted on 01/26/2010




I just get my 4 yo to say excuse me. I think you would know if it's being "forced" out in order to get a reaction or if it was just something that happened - like it does to all of us at times!

I agree though, sometimes we get so heady about "non issues". They're kids and sometimes they're gross!! It's how we handle it that makes the difference


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Brandi - posted on 01/26/2010




The bigger deal everyone makes of it, the more he's gonna do it (ON PURPOSE) to get a reaction. Our family's thoughts on passing gas is that sometimes it happens. Teach your child to say excuse me and let it go. It's a bodily function and as long as he isn't doing it on purpose and he IS excusing himself, I see no reason to try to force a small child to go to another room to do it. He really can't help it. *and I know of many adults who can't hold it in to get to another room either* tell your mother and fiance to chill out. He's just little. As long as he isn't being rude on purpose and says excuse me they should just get over it.

Theresa - posted on 01/26/2010




I personally think it's worse to make a big deal out of it. As long as he isn't laughing about it. Simply tell him to say excuse me and let it be over. The bigger the deal that's made out of it, the worse it will be. And no, I don't think he can control it.

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We just started a rule that you only say "excuse me" as loud as the gas was. I'm big on manners, but my kids still think gas is so funny. So even with an inaudible poot, they would yell "EXCUSE ME! I TOOTED!"

Leslie - posted on 01/26/2010




well my daughter is a little like this shes 4 ,when she starts laughing she she lets it rip.she says excuse me but i cant expect her not to pass gas, maybe a the dinner table might seem gross but if you need him to pass wind in another room you should start saying that you are going into the next room to pass wind! you know they do what we do so if you do it a few times im sure hell catch on. If not do not worry hes a baby and a boy thats what they do!

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