Picky Eater Advice?

Wendy - posted on 02/26/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




(N. B. I'm new to this community, semi-searched but did not find links or information. Should there be relevant links for me to investigate further, please by all means refer/post them for me to review. Thank you for your assistance & patience.)

I have two children-- my son is 2 1/2, my daoughter just turned one. My issue is with my daughter. She's almost walking, seems to be rather independent, and has decided she no longer wants jarred baby food-- which is good!

She was breastfed for the full year (and has decided she wants none of that either, fussing when I try to nurse her and biting; she's got 8 teeth), and then converted to solids a bit late, but taking it with gusto for a few months. Now she bats the spoon away. Self-feeding (allowing her to try to shovel it in herself) results in both a large mess, and an irritated little girl, still uninterested in "spoonable" foods.

What I can get her to eat are things that are crunchy-- plain waffles, crackers, dry cereal, fruit bars (no HFCS), but she's outright refused pasta, diced fruits and vegetables cooked (including bananas!), or anything messy or sticky. I've given her a training fork to try as well, to little avail.

Are there any secrets out there I'm missing or overlooking? My son moved from the size 3 baby food jars to cereals to the training foods/diced or processed "real" foods with greater ease-- even though he's still picky (nothing but chicken nuggets and peas right now, sigh). I'm considering trying croquettes (ground beef or chicken breaded, but mixed with mashed potato to make it into stick-like nuggets) at some point, though I'm not sure how well that will go over, either.

She is eating some jarred foods, when she's very hungry, she'll wolf one down... but I'd rather get her away from them all together. She's got teeth-- I know!

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I can feel deeply what ever you say,becouse I was just like you and still I am doing tricks everyday for my doughter who is now 22 months ,and she ia much much better now,first of all if your baby drinks milk that is the main reason,becouse their liitle tommy is full when we want to give them solid food,so try to give her a little milk during the day & no snacks ,the only way is to keep them hungry for hours,dont feel guilty ,I know its hard but that will help you 100% I hope.the other thing I tried was finger foods some children dont like to be served they want to do everything by their own and now the latest trick I use ,Is make her jelouse while I seat on with a beautiful dish & eat with a big appetite ,so she comes near and wants to try what I eat,I hope you will be more patient and relax,good luck.

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