Playground equipment.

Jodie - posted on 05/22/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello! I am the world's biggest worrier when it comes to my kids. My little girl (who just turned 3) is going to start preschool in a couple of weeks. I was so excited because this is a great program, but when I seen the playground equipment I was sick to my stomach. Two big towers with slides and fire poles! the standing platform is about 9 ft. tall with open sides where it would be easy to fall. I have almost considered not sending her. Am I being rediculous? I need some advice!!


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Gabrielle - posted on 05/29/2009




Has she ever played on any playground equipment at the parks? My daughter is almost 3 and has been playing on the "big kid" equipment (for 5-12 yo, according to the signs) since she was 2. We have taught her about how to play safely, to be careful of open areas, that some things are for going up and other are for going down and not to mix them up, etc. She loves the big slides but also knows not to try the fire poles unless there's someone there to help her. I like Rhonda's idea of giving both you and your daughter a chance to safely become familiar with the equipment.

Rhonda - posted on 05/22/2009




You should express your safety concerns with the director. Maybe they will let you bring your daughter in to introduce her to the play equipment while you are there. Then you can teach her the safe way to play on the playground. I have a 3 y/o niece and she does great on the play equipment at the parks. Not sure about the fire poles! That would scare me too. Good luck!


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