please help me!

Judy - posted on 01/17/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




my three year old is ..welll... a pain in the neck with mommy lol ... he listens to his dad but flat out refuses to listen to me! sometimes I want to pull my hair out! I have tried time outs---didnt work...yelling---he yelled back... spanking---- doesnt even care he turns around and runs off! I have grounded him from he does not care! refuses to listen to me . PERIOD

I love my son with all my heart but i really wish he would listen to me once in a while

any suggestiosn!?


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April - posted on 01/19/2010




my son is the same way and he's only 19 months old. we have also tried time outs, grounding, and spanking and he yells back nooooooooo and laughs at spankings (BY ME!!) and it drives me crazy and he hits me on top of that! now within the past like week or so, if i tell my son to come to me he says no, and i just sit there with a disappointed look on my face and ignore him for like 5 seconds he comes right up to me and does what ever i need to get done, such as dressing or diaper or pullup change. try it! it might work. good luck!

Crystal - posted on 01/18/2010




omigosh...this makes me really DREAD when he's 3!

Ethan is 20 months, and already he prefers to listen to daddy more than me. If it's daddy's day off, he's an angel. Daddy at work? I'm ready to bang my head into the wall!!!

Judy - posted on 01/17/2010




yeah Jimmy (hubby) gets on to him for it lol he doesnt seem to care it has come to a point where daddy has to d the disciplining and I hate that I dont want Jimmy to have to be the bad guy all the time.... goodness how he tried my patience sometimes though!

Heather - posted on 01/17/2010




Sigh. Honestly, 3 years is my least favourite age (granted we haven't hit the teenage years yet but from 0-10 3 would be the WORST)

What I find works is to make things positive. My two youngest love reading books so I'll say "after we clean up the crayons/toys/brush our hair/get dressed we'll read a story" or "once we're in the car you can have a juice box/snack/listen to that annoying CD you like" Knowing that something nice is going to come after the chore of doing whatever needs to be done. I also wait to a count of 5 after asking them something before I ask again because it seems to take them a while to process what I've said and do it. If all else fails I give myself a time out and tell them where I'll be and when they decide to do what was asked of them then they can come and see me.

Also, for boys, age 3 is a time of pulling away from Mommy and associating more with Daddy. He's now realizing that he's a boy and Daddy's a boy and you are "other". So maybe getting your husband to tell him things like gentlemen listen to ladies and it's rude to yell at your mother, etc may help because he wants to make his Daddy happy.

Good luck! When they hit 4 and a half they're usually "fixed" (for a while at least). I'm on my third 3 year old and I definitely feel your pain! You know, you love them but at the same time "sometimes you want to lock them in a box, take the box to the park and run away" ~ Dave Seville.

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