PLEASE HELP!!!!!! My 22 month old wont sleep in his own room

Natasha - posted on 05/16/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




my 22 month old boy will not sleep in his own room he has always slept in a room with me but ive moved to a bigger house so he has his own room now but he just wont sleep in it he wakes up half way through the night and screams untill i let him sleep in my room i have tried evrything and i just dont know what to do now please help


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Ericia - posted on 05/16/2010




I don't know if you have tried these things or not...but I have babysat a lot for toddlers and I have 3 boys of my far I have found that most kids that wake up screaming in the middle of the night instead of when they are put to bed in their own room are usually scared of what has worked for me for most kids is: nightlights (christmas lights around the walls give off lots of light...just make sure you read all the safety precautions), talk to them about what is scaring them (I have heard everything from nightmares, monsters under their beds and in the closet, to ghosts or "imaginary" friends who are mean to them), reassurance (I have found one of the best ways is to sleep in their room w/ them for a couple of nights to show them that it is totally safe, or let them sleep in your room w/o you to show them that your room is no safer or scarier than is a pain but it works) and then when you have worn out every avenue and there is nothing wrong and they just want to sleep w/ is harsh but sometimes you just have to let them cry and scream (as long as you are sure they and safe and ok...I suggest going to check on them and if nothing is wrong...tell them goodnight and that you are going back to sleep and they need to too...if they start screaming again...don't go back or they will learn they can scream at night to get you in their room...which will have you going back and forth all night long everynight) so that they learn that it will not get them what they want...but you have to be firm if you take this can't be firm one night only to let them sleep w/ you the next...but hopefully the other options work...because the last one is very will probably make you lose just as much sleep as they do b/c I know it is extremely hard to listen to any child cry especially your own...anyway...I am sure their are plenty of things I forgot but that is off the top of my head...hope it helps! & Good Luck!

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