Please help, my son is sick?

Mandie - posted on 08/12/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son currently got sick in a new Daycare, his breathing is really short, rapid and weezy...he is coughing, his eyes are red and he wont eat or drink anything! What is the best way to get him to feel better and eat some food? I already gave him some medicine and tried feeding him a popsicle and some gingerale...but he wont eat or drink..what do i do??? Please help!!


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Jennifer - posted on 08/12/2011




Hes 3? really all you can do is try to get him to take some water would be best juice etc will dehydrate him if he is having problems breathing then you need to take him to the ER never mess with breathing problems they have my son on breathing treatments he had pnemonia and we didnt even know it once you finish in the ER i'm sure they will have you do a follow up with your pediatrician sounds like probably your best route

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