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I would like to share my sons story with you because if I hadn't jumped up and down to get answers I don't know what wold have happened. After birth he would refuse to breastfeed or take a bottle. After one or two gulps he screamed. Test after test showed nothing. He had severe colic for 4 months. I was told he had reflux and lactose intolerance. I always knew something was wrong beyond that but no one could find anything. He got sick if anyone even looked at him. His sleep has always been so bad. Up and down all night, but the dr told me that when we fixed his health problems that would subside. Well at age 2 I had enough. He was getting up 15-20 times a night. I am a single mom who works a full time job and felt dead all the time. I demanded a sleep study. The sleep study showed that he had severe sleep apnea and stopped breathing 23 times a hr. His tonsils are very large and are being removed ASAP. The oversized tonsils were the problem since day 1 and the sleep apnea has caused all the other health problems. Without this diagnosis his health would have continued to deteriorate leading to possible life long problems. I know what it feels like to know in your heart something is wrong with your child and to be looked at like an idiot. Please if you suspect that your child or anyone you know has a child that might have a sleep disorder demand it be checked. It could ultimately save their life


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I'm sorry, but thank you i really appericat you sharing this and it just goes to how mother nows best.

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WOW!  What a great lesson!  Thank you for sharing and you and your son are in my prayers.  I hope that all is going well.

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Good health to you and your little boy from now and many many restful nights!!! x

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That is true - only you know if something is wrong.  It is just a feeling mothers/parents have.  Thanks for the story.

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Thank yo for sharing your story! This is a great lesson for every parent!!!! Hope you are all doing better,


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