Pooing in the tub

Crissy - posted on 06/13/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




My son is getting ready to turn 2 in July-All the sudden every time we take a bath right before be he stands up and poo's in the tub-He isn't really talking yet-I get his little potty but he is kind of afraid of it-So what do I Do


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Devin - posted on 06/15/2010




most kids do this one time or many :) dont worrie about it he is a baby !! he will grow out of it let him have fun in the bath :) just try lots of diffrent things tell one works, i start with a time change and all talk to him and let him know that bath time is over now when u poop in it and he will get it soon :) try not to look at it as some thing rong but as he just has not got yet and he will i just keep taling to him and try the time change thing ..keep up the good work and be happy mommy he just little.....

September - posted on 06/14/2010




Ha! There was a time that every single time our son took a bath he would poop in it! Then I started to give him his baths when I knew he was not going to need to poop. I've found that the best time for a bath is after he's already gone poop. Works like a charm! He has not pooped in the tub since! :) In fact the very first time he pooped in the big boy potty was when I caught him trying to go in the tub. He's gone several times in the big boy potty since. So next time you notice your child trying to go poop move him to the big boy potty, whether or not he goes praise him either way and it may provide some encouragement for the next time. Good luck!

Diane - posted on 06/13/2010




Try getting him to go poo before the bath, if he wont then place the potty as close to the tub as possible and if he is almost 2 im sure he understands so explain what he is to do when he has to poo and that its bad to poo in the tub. Keep a close eyes on him and if u see him concentrating on pooing hurry and place him on the potty then praise him =]

Janet - posted on 06/13/2010




When they are in the bath they are all nice and warm and relaxed so it can happen. When we got our potty my 2 year old was scared of it too. I put it out with the rest of the toys and teach her to sit on it with her clothes on first, she likes her teddies to sit on too. I give her lots of praise and tell her if she sits on it we can read a book or drive a car on her legs....whatever works to distract them. After they are comfortable i get her to sit on it for a couple of seconds when i change her nappy....and tell her its for wee and poo....then i make grunting noises and she copies to try and get them to push. Its a long and frustrating process but one day he will want to do it. My girl doesn't use the potty properly yet but she sits on it and knows what its for. My sister used to take the potty into the toilet and sit her little one on the potty while she sits on the toilet...kind of doing it together. It worked really well. GOOD LUCK!

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