pooping in pants

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help my four year old is pooping in his pants again.he said he does cause he dont want to go to school.i have tryed everything.help


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Maggie - posted on 12/16/2009




Find out what's making him not want to go to school. Have you talked to his teacher? Obviously something is bothering him so much he's willing to do something disgusting to stay away. Most likely he/she will be aware of what's going on in the classroom. See if he's being bullied or if he needs more one on one help at home to learn what the rest of the class is learning. Help him make friends at school by having a playdate with one or two of the kids from his class so he won't be as nervous. Talk to the teacher and find out what's going on! If it's something you can't change or fix try (as a last resort) switching classes or even schools.

Katie - posted on 12/16/2009




maybe because he's scared and doesn't want to be apart from you which is normal. maybe you could give him something like a wallet and put a picture on it so he feels safe, or something special of your he can have in his pocket so that he feels safe. and that you'll be there waiting for him after school.. Try that but don't yell at him just give it time and hug him and say its okay accidents happen.. Good luck.. tell me how it went..

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