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ok kaiden is usin the potty chair for a couple of days then the next couple r on the floor.....argh.. i just tell him when he pee's and poops on the floor we pee and poop in the toilet set him on the toilet and clean up the mess. and when he pees and poops in the potty we make a huge deal and give him a reward. he's picks out his own underware i don't know what to do? we don't put him in diapers at all? and at night he stays dry xpect for when he's on one of his kicks to be stubborn.. HELP!!


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Hi Terri, I found using the Weeman (it's a plastic cup that hangs off the edge of the toilet) made toilet training my 2 yo son really easy (for wees anyway). Daddy showed him how to use it (literally weeing into it and tipping into the toilet) and he was fine. As for poos, I tried catching him "in the act" in the beginning. I'd quickly say "let's go to the toilet" and then we'd "race" there. We got a toilet seat that has an adult AND child seat, so he has full control of all toileting in the same manner as the grown ups. When he'd use the Weeman or do poos in the toilet, I'd act like a complete nut singing and dancing about how great it was that he'd gone to the toilet, then he got to choose a prize from the prize box (for poos) and I had a sticker chart so if he went, flushed, put the lid down and washed hands... he got a sticker. The toilet training pack I had suggested using the prize box for every 5 trips to the toilet, which I did at first, but when I realised that he'd hold back wees just so he could go more times prizes were just for poos. Prizes don't have to be anything big. Seth likes cars, so I individually wrapped about a dozen hot wheels cars that went into a box he decorated. Every so often I'd throw in a "big" prize (like a fan powered bubble wand or a Hi-5 dvd -- things he likes) just to keep it interesting for him.

There's a great website for potty training called pottytraining.com.au. My 2 yo was day trained in 3 days and fully "no accidents" in 2 weeks. If there are any big changes, they tend to revert. We had that happen when we went away for the weekend after the first week. He used the toilet maybe twice all weekend. He's only day trained for now, but often wakes from naps completely dry.

The only frustrating thing is now he's reverted to pooing his pants. I started after his little brother started commanding more of my attention. It's normal for them to revert back a few times apparently, but I've recently discovered that this is more due to his stubbornness and wanting my attention than anything else because he's been in day care 2 days a week for the last 4 weeks and he does all his toileting himself without accidents.

Good luck!! It's not easy finding the patience for potty training, but it will happen eventually.

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