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Jennifer - posted on 12/02/2008




When out daughter was just over 2, we got her her own little potty chair and put it in the living room (or kitchen, sometimes). For a few weeks before we thought we would start to train her, we talked about the potty and what it was for, and we let her just sit on it (fully clothed to start) and play around it. We also talked to her about the potty when we would use the bathroom.

After a while, she started to become interested in using the potty herself, so I took her to the store and let her pick out her own underwear. We put on just her underwear for the first days and would both put her on the potty chair at regular time intervals to see if she had to go as well as run her to potty if she just started to pee. If anything at all made it into the potty, we cheered for her and made it a big deal. After only a few days, she made the connection between the feeling of peeing and sitting on the potty.

The most important things, I think, are to keep it fun and stress-free, to make them think that it's their idea, and to really build them up for being such a big kid.

Tasha - posted on 11/29/2008




I filled the bathroom with lots of books and fun things to look at and spent more time than I normally would in the bathroom. What really worked for my daughter though was hearing me pee while she sat on the toilet- running water might work too.

Keep it fun or they will rebel for sure

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I wish! We are looking to start our 19 month old, and were successful the first day, but since then he has refused! So I'd love to some advice too! I'm considering the Potty Train with Baby Signs program.

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