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My sone will be 2 in March.

When and how should I start the whole Potty Training process???

Any helpfull tips here???

I've always heard boys are harder than girls too...oh NO!



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I have 3 older boys and never had a problem with them potty training. Now my 3 year old daughter is another story. She goes through spurts where she is interested and then she's not. I bought her big girl underwear and she wore ALL of them in one day and used the toilet that entire day. The next day, she peed in them. Had no interest. So im not fighting her anymore. Figured she'll be potty trained by the time she goes to college...lol.

Sarah - posted on 01/29/2009




My son is 3 and he still fights me everyday about using the potty. We indroduced the concept to him around 2, but never forced the issue since he showed no interest in it. We've been potty training for about a month now. I'm learning as I go, but I have found some helpful advice. Number one is let them decide when they are ready. I think we still started a little to early for his liking, which is why we have the fighting. Most importantly though, once you decide to go for it and make the switch from diapers, don't go back no matter what. It only confuses them. Not only that but if your child is a fighter, like mine, it'll just show him if he pushes you hard enough you'll cave and make your job that much harder. I found this website's list of readiness helpful in making the choice to start training http://babyparenting.about.com/cs/pottyt... Good luck! If you find any wonderful miracles to potty train quickly let me know. Like I said we're still learning.

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My girlfriend has 2 boys and she started introducing the idea of the potty to both of them when they were 1 1/2. Buy books and whatever potty type you want to use. Show him it goes in the bathroom and tell him what you do in it. She also had her husband show the boys how to pee in the toilet sitting down. Her oldest son was about 3 1/2 when he finally got it. But the younger one is catching on quicker b/c he sees his brother do it. Maybe if you have young nephews close to your sons age that are potty trained and they could show him too?

Good luck and try not to get too stressed about it.

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