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I have not been all that succesful in Potty Training so far! I cannot help her out during the week days since I am at work, and I don't think our sitter is helping very much! It's frustrating! I can tell the sitter all I want, until I am blue in the face, but I feel like I'm doing it alone and that it is going to take FOREVER! Which I pretty much figured, but I was secretly hoping it would go smoothly...although things never do! :)) I deal with it, and do what I can when I am at home, but it's tough when things are not consistant. I keep telling myself that at LEAST my daughter is excited about it! She has only gone in her potty once, and I didn't witness it! :((

But at least she likes to "Act" like a Big Girl and sit on her potty, and she trys to wipe! She loves to put her own Pull Ups on herself! I am telling myself that this is a step in the right difrection...?


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I wouldn't worry about potty training just yet, my daughter refused to go on the potty so i waited till the summer and put her in proper knickers.  We bought a  trainer seat for the toilet instead of the potty and she used it after wetting herself twice.  As she was in proper pants and not pull ups she didn't like the wet feeling.

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For us, its like one step forward and one step back. Josey will go all day on the big potty and then the next day wets her pull up. I know your fustration but have faith it will all work out. I found that having her pick out a story for potty time has work and getting a sticker or m&m for going has also worked.  

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Every positive step is a step in the right direction.  Each kid reaches this milestone in their own time.  My first child was totally potty trained by 2.  My second child was more like 2 1/2.  I used the Dr. Phil method with my first child.  Might want to try googling it.  It was really simple. 

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Thank you! Good Luck is needed, indeed! :))

You know, I've had several people tell me to let her run around naked! I guess I'm going to have to break down and let her do it, and just clean up the messes! AH!  She is two btw...that's why I'm so worried!

Chris - posted on 02/05/2009




It is a step in the right direction! My sister has the same problem with her sitter.  How old is your daughter? Mine was potty trained at 2yo. I had her run around naked all the time and she hated peeing down her leg so she'd pee in the potty. Pooping... lol. she wanted to poop outside with the dogs :O. But she got it sooner than later. 

I'd tell your sitter that if she can't wor with you then you'll have to find a new sitter. Sometimes they think that diapers are easier and don't want the hassel of sitting them on the potty every 20-30 minutes. GL! 

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